Dec 1, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: Come on, we line up above the body of " brothers"

Wael Kandil writes: Come on, we line up above the body of " brothers"

It is required “Muslim Brotherhood” To move, Kosrab of penguins, to the faraway place, to end their presence, even revolutionary alignment is achieved? It was repugnant, and duplicate, somewhat bored, those empty call of any substance, which demands “Alajoant back down the steps to the back, and now it is evolving to claim definitively disappeared, as preachers School opened its doors hanging banners petition says Brotherhood “Enter your dwellings”, The invitation to recover more out with a number of political activists from detention Sisi, as if these receivers properly can be achieved only remove “Brotherhood” From the picture.

Or it came out like a moment of revolutionary work, and all that went on in the past two years, since the coup, it was not worth mentioning in vain. Draws attention, here, that, and suddenly, broke out a new wave of targeting President, Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood accusations, old returned, wasting Revolution, the sale of the rebels, to the last of those monotonous tone that did not hear the other, since the military coup, which stop for real revolutionaries played accompanied, after he realized that the continued engagement on this floor patio everyone, and the survival of the coup years.
The amazing thing is that a team of affiliates of what has been termed “Camp supporter of legitimacy” The exhumation is that, this time, in Dr. Mursi errors and”Brotherhood”، لإنشاء ما يقوم دليل إدانة لهم، وكأن هذه الخطوة هي الحل، أو قل المهر المطلوب دفعه، لمن يدقون بابهم من أجل ملامسة حالة توحد ثوري، وكأن حلم الاصطفاف، الضائع، لن يعود إلا فوق جثة محمد مرسي والإخوان المسلمين.
Included in this fray, too, a group of those who were brought up in the chambers “Brotherhood”, And then went out, or get out, carrying the old bitterness, it is assumed that it does not mean the public Revolution in something, as family issues within the home of the Muslim Brotherhood, no one has to use the idea of ​​revolution and resistance to the coup, yard or Maatarka, to liquidate those accounts and old feuds.
We spent two years in battles “Without Kichutih”, Each side wants the other faulted, and show it in excessive image, splitter, Alkhair, while the coup Foundation feed on this clash, irritability, even a glimmer of hope came from the subtraction is clear for the Socialists, revolutionaries, and also “6 April”, Which re-adjust the concepts and edit terms, and ran his face splitting future, surpassing those Almaazavih case nihilism, and then came another test Ajtazath forces live the revolution successfully, when released coup for a group of prisoners authority, as a provider of the price of a trip Sisi to New York, was not among them my brothers one.
In spite of that, he was greeted “Brotherhood” Returning from a good prison, and was released to renew their opposition to the coup, and their insistence on the completion of a great revolution, and above all through the trap carefully Mansob. Revolutionary realignment does not mean insulting and humiliating the party, all the time, and does not come to deport him or hide it, or to ask him to death Political Declaration, otherwise Fsnstef with whom? And what can we say to these wonderful steadfast in the streets, and narrow trails, more than two years, taste woes, forming the last remaining signs that the revolution has not..
And how to ask them to leave, and some of them the right to request a martyr burned in a fourth field, or retribution for the girl violated humanity in a detention center, or restore the voice of the election, and stole Zbhoh him out? What is the interest that would accrue on the issue of the lineup that responded? It should be someone who poring over the skin and Mohamed Morsi”Brotherhood”, And to hold them all the mistakes and sins, alone, a condition for acceptance of the idea of ​​the lineup, to remember those miserable days prior to 30 In June 2013, when he was elevated principle of Mohamed ElBaradei and Hamdeen and Alaa al-Aswani and others, it is no time to sort between the people and the public in January remnants, and the crowd base, line-up, is the hatred “Brotherhood”, And the desire to root them out.
The line-up, at that time, with the military and the deep state, the body “Brotherhood” Who were an essential part of the revolutionary body mass, under the illusion that once death “Brotherhood” Will govern the revolution, and the result as you see now: Military state Mbarkih deep enough to swallow all parts of the January revolution.
And I think that also this time of madness, to look for a revolutionary alignment over the corpse “Brotherhood” Once again, the most craziest, this perception that the issue of who have been associated, functionally, the presidency of the Brotherhood, in purely a time when our voices, Trjohm to stay away from power, close to the Revolutionary Broad Front.

the source : Arab New

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