Dec 4, 2023

Ihsan al-Faqih writes: A view of the reality of Arab Liberals

Ihsan al-Faqih writes: A view of the reality of Arab Liberals

Of Jabarti he said for the year which saw the French campaign on Egypt: “The first great epics, sunny and serious incidents and facts of calamity and calamity enormous evils doubled tandem things and turned adversity and time and printed matter coup reflection and follows the terrors and the different situations and measure corruption and destruction and ruin the Pan”.
* The view of many researchers, that the French campaign on Egypt was the gate through which a flood of alienation to the Arab-Muslim world, and it represents a cultural invasion dazzles the Arabs, where later appeared ten years scholarship stream, led by Muhammad Ali, and continued over the decades, has imported the Scholarship holders values ​​and ideas of the West rather than importing technologies and industries.
* Liberalism was based on absolute freedom and the decomposition of the religious observance of one of these currents coming from Europe, Arab liberals Vanksm to two trends: Stream liberal Tgraybe clearly opposed to religion, another arises in the form of liberalism claim that they do not conflict with religion, and trying to reconcile between liberalism and Islam.
* Arab liberals caught in numerous inconsistencies are not consistent and liberal Astkdmoha from the West, Vosedk describe to them what was said Abdul Aziz Al Tarifi in his book “Mental liberal in paving the mind and the description of transport”: “It reflected mental liberal Oriental, became imposed on individuals and communities by what you want even if tyranny of power and punishment, and they took the statue of western liberalism and the ambush at half-mast on his head in the East, the West imposed on the power Vallibralah what he wants individuals and not vice versa”.
The best proof of the view of the Tarifi, liberals in Egypt, and who disguised to liberalism when the Islamists came to the fore and the Department of State, Vthalfoa with dictatorial power to eliminate political Islam, Dharban the principles of liberalism to the wall.
* Most of the Arab liberals seeking to impose Western patterns on the Muslim world under the pretext of freedom and progress, and if you talk to them rebelled and claimed that civilization and one block can not be divided, and that it is only suitable copied. As for us, we do not reject the openness to the West and quotation of the fields of excellence and development, far from the Import and cultural values ​​that are contrary to religion.
These liberals blatant extremists their relationship with the West, and the expression of his policies and orientations and service information, and not only chanting Abraleona theories of Western liberalism and interpreters.
* Says Jon Alterman, Middle East program director for International and Strategic Studies Center in America, across an article entitled “Liberals under the new labor demand”:
“The growing interest in the West threatens Arab liberals Ptozm their position and make them described employment…., If the beholder to Arab liberals find vast majority of them are expected to come to the United States handed over the keys of the country in which they live”.
* As the liberal form of exclusion of religion, therefore, it is the aspect of secularism, and represents a secular environment to foster liberal, and he says the Bahraini liberal thinker Abdullah civil: “Where there are no secular there would be no liberal”.
* Both secular and liberal receive the attention and support of the West, not least because of reports (RAND), Those research institution that is the contemporary image of Orientalism, based in California, employs about 1600 Researcher and employees hold high academic certificates.
Rand is one of the major intellectual institutions that affect decision-making in America, was the highlight of their outputs, the US administration's reliance on reports by the occupation of Iraq.
Among the Rand reports, report “Civil Democratic Islam: Partners and resources and strategies” Issued in 2005, and the Department of Muslims into four sections: Fundamentalists and traditionalists and modernists, and secularists.
The report recommended the removal of the US administration fundamentalists, traditionalists and support (Shiite and Sufi) To question the principles of the fundamentalists (Owners of radical Islam or totalitarian Islamic movement which advocates the universality of Islam), And the Modernists and secularists should support them in absolute terms, according to the report.
In a report for the Rand in 2007 entitled “Moderate Muslim Networks” Organizers gave him a definition of the concept of a purely American moderation, moderate Muslim is he who refuses to believe in the law and secularism.
Also in the report of the Rand in 2004 ” Muslim world after 11 September”The report called on Muslims to help “Moderate” And”Liberals” To deliver ballots to the rest of the Muslim communities by creating huge networks speak their tongues and express their thoughts..
* Interestingly, the eyes of the liberals Arabs respect and accept the restrictions imposed by the law of traffic regulation that, and so on, and they see as a form of progress and urbanization, while refusing any limitation or officer caused by the teachings of religion, and therefore does not stop liberals in Saudi Arabia from the Nile from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice , through newspapers, websites and satellite channels and printed books.
Attack that body that acts as a control on the Islamic values ​​because it represents a rite of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Vimlaon minimum screaming for restricting freedoms if only in order to legitimize.
While not hear the voice of the liberal towards other laws that do not relate to matters of legality, then it is far from the restriction of freedoms, all in the idea of ​​the matter is that the exclusion of religion and the decomposition of the controls and constraints which are dominated by liberal ideology distorted.
* As can be seen on the Arab liberal mainstream, it promotes that his fight is not with Islam but with Islamism or political Islam, which deny reality.
When the media calls to Egyptian Magdy Rady to take off the veil as the direction counter to the Muslim Brotherhood group, classified as a terrorist, is the Muslim Brotherhood from the imposition of the veil?!
But it is a political cover for Arab liberals in their quest for the exclusion of religion and freedom from controls and constraints.
* Arab liberal media focuses heavily on the freedoms of women file, without focusing on the development and awareness and develop, radishes their wares in this approach, to talk about the veil, driving and parliamentary representation and absolute equality between men and women.
* What liberals gave Arab women only raised about rebellion against the teachings of their religion and traditions of society authentic?
Nothing but gossip in a dialectical issues, collected under hydrolysis of restrictions on religion.
* Liberal Arab writer writes on today's Egyptian newspaper published in Cairo in 2009, an article entitled “I and my husbands four” Calling for the polyandry for women as well as men, says:
“They said you will not Taatmkny as a woman of physically combining several men, I told them that betray the wife and saleswoman fancy are doing more, I can wear.
They said: Women do not have to qualify because the multiplicity of breath.
I said: Women have something of great passion, haram that is wasted, have a heart, haram confined to one, that the man was not only sexually by one woman is not only emotionally man.
As for the ratios The analysis of the DNA will solve the issue.
After a period of thinking is no longer limited to the tradition of the man or prevent him from diversity, it became a real pluralism in thinking, that we women shy away from declaring their internal seen”.
Is that what holds the liberal media in women's issues?!
* The most important concern of Arab liberals in my country (And all the lands of Islam me home), The prosecution of the Islamic movement, the Muslim Brotherhood Pfazzah and deal with any regime or leader converges almost any personal or belong to that group, while encouraging and respectful of the process of any of the same type with non-Muslims.
However I am convinced the invalidity of liberal thought newcomer to us, but that there are liberals Arabs who does not have liberal only its name, he believes in the need to adhere to the teachings of al-Shara, and respect community values ​​inherent, it is my point of view this is not a liberal, because if he had finished the liberalism of the principle of absolute freedom, it should not be prescribed to him by.

the source : Arabic 21

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