Dec 4, 2023

Mukhtar Juma

Mukhtar Juma

To the surprise of the Egyptian Mission to the pilgrimage, which announced the death 55 The case of the Egyptian pilgrims bSaudi Saudية ، أجرت الحاجة أحلام سيد مرعي من Port Said Governorate, Telephone intervention program “Make yourself at home” With the media Amr Abdul Hamid, to inform him that she was alive, despite the inclusion of its name in the lists of the dead and carry No. 37 Within Egyptian pilgrims, announced by the mission of pilgrimage today in an official statement.

Stated Dr. Mohammed Mokhtar Gomaa and Minister of Awqaf, during a phone call to the program broadcast on satellite “Ten” It happened there confusion from the morgue and resemblance to Ms. Sayed Marei dreams name, and declared her death, although it alive, but the rest of the 54 dead have been confirmed them and communicate with their loved ones to bury the bodies or transfer to them, while the total number of missing persons 120 Name only, pointing out that the rumors about losing more than that, and the numbers that come out in this regard aimed at causing confusion that warns them of they are working on “burn” The nerves of people.

the source: the seventh day

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