Sep 22, 2023

 Ihsanoglu : No role for Assad in any political transition in Syria

 Ihsanoglu : No role for Assad in any political transition in Syria


نقلت صحيفة حريت التركية أمس الاثنين عن رئيس الوزراء التركي احمد داوود اوغلو قوله إن بلاده لا تزال تعارض أي انتقال سياسي في سوريا يكون فيه دور للرئيس بشار الأسد .وتركيا أشد منتقدي الأسد منذ انزلاق سوريا إلى حرب أهلية في 2011 And blame him on the violence that has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions of others from the Syrians insisted on his removal.

في حين أن الرئيس التركي رجب طيب إردوغان كان له تصريحات مختلفة في هذا الشأن الإسبوع الماضي حينما قال ان الفترة الإنتقالية في سوريا يمكن أن تتم بوجود الاسد او بدونه ،. Later, Erdogan said that his remarks did not represent a change in Ankara's policy.

Hurriyet newspaper said that Davutoglu in New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly session, he said on Sunday that Turkey accept any political solution approved by the Syrians but Assad should not be part of it.

It quoted him as saying “Convinced that Assad stay in power during the transitional period will not make it a transitional. We believe that this situation will turn into a de facto permanent. What convinced him in this regard has not changed.”

Turkey has insisted for a long time that the removal of Assad necessary to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Syria. وفي تركيا أكبر تجمع للاجئين السوريين في العالم يزيد عدده على مليونين.

Local newspapers quoted Erdogan as saying last week that “Transition process without Assad or possible Assad.” However, he pointed to the position taken by Turkey for a long time, saying, “No one can imagine the future of Syria with Assad. It is not possible to accept the person responsible for killing between 300 Thousand and 350 thousand people.. (He) dictator.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron told Sky News television on Sunday that Assad could be part of a transitional government but should not be part of the future of Syria

the source: Reuters

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