Oct 2, 2023

Shawkat Malt writes: For Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.. " Just say good or just to shut up."

Shawkat Malt writes: For Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.. " Just say good or just to shut up."

تعريف الإسقاط النفسي في علم النفس هو مجموعة من التبريرات والأعذار التي تُلقى من الشخص المصاب بهذه الخصلة على الدوام على من حوله سواءً كانوا أشخاصاً بعينهم أو على أحوال وظروف تجري من حوله، ومقصده من إلقاء هذه التبريرات والأعذار هو التهرب من المسؤلية الفشل أو الخلل الذي وقع به في ناحية من نواحي حياته.
And so it is no wonder when you hear of some “Opponents of the coup”, In the recent period tone elevated President Marina accuses naive and superficial and narrow-minded, and it was not a good choice of his ministers, has made a mistake in choosing Sisi as defense minister, who could deceive and Mraogthtm enable him and his sacking him and his overthrow and imprisonment of his trial, which Sharif Tahir Secretary.
These critics are colleagues yesterday and today, those who have long supported the marina and the Muslim Brotherhood, throughout the year, who ruled it, and even after the coup on them, not argue one in their devotion not doubt one in patriotism or in their religion, is not a secret that there are Islamist groups who commits much of the violence since the mid-seventies, including group “Takfir wal Hijra” And group (jihad) “Egyptian” وغيرها من الجماعات الإسلامية، وقد تلاشت جماعات منها، أما الجماعات التى استمر تواجدها على الساحة فقد قامت بإجراء مراجعات لأفكارها، وأبدت اعتذارها للشعب المصرى عن أعمال العنف والإرهاب التى قامت بها .
No one Astia to claim that those revisions were made under coercion from the Interior Ministry, because the leaders of those groups did not claim that, but that much of it is still holding its approach, which Anthtalah abandon violence and terrorism, it is important to have returned to the commitment of most of the ideas and Mpadijmaah Muslim Brotherhood, after he vowed One of the leaders of these groups in a Alsjnon first victims after his release from prison is the Brotherhood Guide.
توصلت تلك الجماعات إلى فشل وسائل العنف والإرهاب فى الوصول لكرسى الحكم وتحكيم الشريعة الإسلامية، وأنه لا سبيل إلى تحقيق الأهداف المرجوة إلا اتباع الوسائل التى استخدمها رسول الإنسانية “Mohammed bin Abdullah” God's peace be upon him, is what was done Brotherhood since its inception.
من يقرأ التاريخ البشرى بعمق يعلم الكثير من مواقف الخيانة التى تعرض لها الحكام والزعماء والقادة، مهما بلغت عبقريتهم، فخير البشرية تعرض للقتل خيانةً من اليهود فى المدينة المنورة، وما أكثر مواقف الخيانة والغدر التى تعرض لها الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم من المنافقين وزعيمهم “Abdullah ibn Abi Bin Salool”.
History of the Arabs pages replete with the positions of murder and treachery and betrayal suffered by the Arab leaders, the Egyptians did not forget the treachery of Abdel Nasser and his officers
For their boss “Mohammed Najib” Who spent the rest of his life in “Prairie” Prisoners in disgrace after these traitors led to gain access to the rule of Egypt, there are novels that Nasser was killed to provide poison him, after Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer-old Khan companion, as well as the many betrayals that occurred to many of aides to the rulers and leaders in Egypt, was not mentioned by history yet.
نعم هناك الأخطاءالكثيرة التى وقعت من مرسى ومن الإخوان فى حكمهم الشكلى لمصر، ومعنى الشكلى أنهم لم يُمكّنوا من التحكم فى آليات الحكم حتى تم الانقلاب عليهم، ولو نجح “Ahmed Shafiq” or “Hamdeen” or “Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh” أو غيرهم فى الوصول لحكم مصر، فهل يضمن أحدٌ من الخبراء الاستراتجيين ألا ينقلب عليهم العسكر؟.
Muslim Brotherhood and it is enough that they are diligent in Egyptian service for decades, even though the war on them from the inside and from the outside did not stop, however, have achieved successes can not be denied only ungrateful, these successes could not any current or faction or leader achieved during the previous period, and the problem experienced by Critics of President Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood, which no one wants to be determined accurately, is that these same critics short, the same Muslim Brotherhood in resisting injustice Vtaiwil long, has gained Brotherhood that attribute generation after generation.
Flanzar the truth to the people all of the people, to resist injustice and tyrants need for effort earned and generations raised on the strength and the patience and the determination to achieve the desired goals no matter how long.
If you were not that significant matters, Dela Cruz testified good or shut up.

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