Sep 23, 2023

Wael Kandil writes: Flanhrr Egypt before the liberation of Jerusalem

Wael Kandil writes: Flanhrr Egypt before the liberation of Jerusalem

Where Egypt of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa? Where Egypt and Syria?
These kind of questions seem closer to comedy Alzaakh these days, so that when Egypt will be absent, or absent, for Egypt, it is absurd that one waits at major appointments, at the national level.
Egypt submerged in swamps “Scruff war” Can not be present in the wars of the Tartars, Mongols, Persians, Romans on the nation. Echttefha of Egypt, which does not keep its history, its geography is not known, can not be but what you see now: Just a boy watching the battle, offering services and Anhyazath on who pays, and earns. Do not stand here initially, but are those unique ethics which manifested on the performance of her kidnappers and killers of its revolution.
Egypt “New” Which sold Amr ibn al-Aas and Salah al-Din, and returned Ezzedine al-Qassam and Shamil Basayev, and gave birth to the largest gift to Israel, do not wait for them nor Taathroa her role in crescent sighting of crises and wars.
In 2011, four months after the January revolution's success in unseating Hosni Mubarak issue, crawl into the eastern border, in defense of Gaza, wrote at the time lines it back now, in this moment of darkness:
Egyptians can liberate Jerusalem, when they can complete their revolution, and the completion of its demands and objectives in full, and before that is achieved, become a call to march to Gaza two million jumping into the unknown, unsafe.
So that in order to jump leap healthy and strong, do not have to be standing on solid ground, and I think we are, even now, we still sink in loose soil, not yet poised to stand up and jump, from which the construction or above.
Therefore, if we really are serious about working for the victory of the Palestinians and the liberation of Jerusalem, it becomes necessary for us to complete the liberalization of Egypt first, someone, are not yet free from residue and algae of the former regime, and did not free ourselves completely, so far, of sectarian tumors that Taathij arise From time to time, as well as we are still surrounded by the forces of counter-revolutionary, despicable attacks to wear down the Egyptians and to sabotage the revolution continues.
The most dangerous of all is that we are still a country without a constitution or parliament or the head, and then become thinking about going out of bounds to support this fraternal or that, in such circumstances, some sort of romantic revolutionary excessive, with extreme appreciation and respect for the revolution and romance together.
The greater jihad now must be the theme of the Egyptian character building which cracked due to decades of repression and corruption, ignorance and disease, and this will only be achieved when the Egyptians exercise their right to participate in the drafting of the entire Constitution, it is cobbled organize their lives and, through it, they can elect their representatives in Parliament, headed by choosing from across the clean and transparent elections.
We will serve Jerusalem more, when accomplish the task of building Egypt from the inside, and strengthen our internal front, allowing us to move out of the border, and we are reassured to hardness of society, it can also support the Palestinian issue in a serious and real, when we continue to struggle to stop the export of gas to the Zionist entity, and prevent reception flocks of Israeli tourists at the Egyptian land, and forced the funeral of normalization, which we imposed by the fallen regime to final resting place.
It is really Full restoration of Jerusalem usurped Vliemr meters and one of the yellow desert of Egypt every day, to sow wheat and teaches children that we have a single enemy named “Israel” The road to Jerusalem starts that Egypt is taking a breather, he believes baked for themselves, and reach out to one, or subject to the blackmail of a. Only then can we say that the liberation of Jerusalem stone's throw.

the source : Arab New

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