Sep 23, 2023

Israeli newspaper Maariv: Sisi gift awarded the Egyptian people to Israel

Israeli newspaper Maariv: Sisi gift awarded the Egyptian people to Israel

Enticed rapprochement between the occupation and the regime of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Israeli elites to hold bets on an unprecedented role, and push it to do not hesitate to ask for an Israeli-Sisi employment purposes, particularly in the face of the international boycott movement (BDS), Which creates challenges for the occupation and existential dilemmas unable so far to develop solutions.

Although the ruling elites in Tel Aviv has openly praised the depth of cooperation shown by Sisi system in the face of Palestinian resistance in Gaza, and to secure the southern front of the Zionist entity, there are calls from Pat expressly to employ this system in the face of the international boycott movement. According to the spokesman, the former name of the occupation army, Gen. Avi Benayahu, the Sisi only only able to save Israel from the international boycott that lead, if they maintain the current pace, to international isolation and suffocating wave provinces threaten an unprecedented economic invincibility Israel.

In an article published by the newspaper site “Maariv”, On Monday, said that Benayahu “Sisi is a gift given by the Egyptian people of Israel, and must (Prime Minister Benjamin occupation) Netanyahu is aware of the potential energy in cooperation with him and exploited to the fullest extent”. According to the argument Benayahu, the mechanism that can be adopted for Sisi”rescue” International boycott of Israel, based on the assumption that it halt negotiations with the Palestinian Authority represents the most important environment in which they operate vehicles “BDS”So Israel must demand of Sisi pressure on the leadership of the Palestinian Authority to return to negotiations.

Benayahu said that Sisi could employ his weight to the PA leadership to return to the negotiating. Although Benayahu focus on the role of Sisi, he felt that Jordan's King Abdullah in turn, can contribute in achieving this goal.

Although Benayahu recommends that Netanyahu is serious about reaching a settlement of the conflict, however, at the same time it confirms that there is the slightest chance to lead the negotiations to settle the conflict with the Palestinians. Do not miss the bestowal of praise on the show and Sisi “Distinctiveness” For the ousted regime of Hosni Mubarak, saying that he “Fighting a relentless war against the Islamists, to the extent that leaders (Enthusiasm) They are now long for the Mubarak regime and his men”.

He commended Benayahu, in particular, on the role of Sisi in the drying up of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, through lack of reluctance to “Sinking” Tunnels with sea water, stressing that Israel has a clear interest in promoting the status of Sisi system and install the pillars.

Although it does not there is no relationship between the recent call-Sisi to expand the peace with Israel's annexation of other Arab countries to compromise with the Tel Aviv treaties, and his books Benayahu, but the call seemed to be in line with the invitation of the Israeli General. Netanyahu has grabbed an invitation Sisi and Ozvha in bidding on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, by showing himself as if he is keen to resolve the conflict.

Netanyahu issued a divan, on Sunday, a statement welcomed by including Sisi came in a speech, calling on Abbas to “Return to the negotiating table, in order to make progress in ending the conflict path”. Israeli media have shown great interest in including the word came in Sisi, which are free of reference to the success of the settlement, which confirms even Israeli opposition leaders that Netanyahu does not have the slightest willingness to meet the requirements of the process.

Sisi's call came after the attack by the Israeli opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, Netanyahu, accusing him so that he does not show any seriousness in reaching a settlement of the conflict with the Palestinians, and a month after the declaration of the Israeli Minister of Education, Naphtali Girls, Israel “We will not withdraw from one centimeter in the West Bank”.

It should be noted, in this context, that Netanyahu had pledged during the election campaign, not to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state.

In this context, it continued Israeli media to emphasize the depth of the security cooperation between Israel and the system of Sisi. In an article published by the newspaper “Maariv”, In its issue dated 26 This month, political commentator pointed to the second channel of Israeli television, Audi Siegel, to continue growing aspects of security cooperation between the Egyptian and Israeli sides, pointing out that this cooperation “excellent”.

The site pointed “The” News, in a report published on Saturday, that the security institutions in both Egypt and Israel waging together, and large format, “Relentless war against terrorist organizations” In Sinai. The agent of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dore Gold, announced after returning from a recent visit to Egypt, which has in the twenty-seventh of June last, that Israel and Egypt have agreed to “Adopt common policies to face the regional challenges”. The newspaper quoted “Mekor Rishon”, In its issue dated 28 June, for Gould as saying that more meetings will be held between officials of the two sides, to develop policies “Shared

the source: Arab New

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