Sep 23, 2023

Salim Azzouz writes.. Copts mood!

Salim Azzouz writes.. Copts mood!

Copts mood of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi changed or not changed?!. Last week confirmed the Coptic activist, a resident of the United States of America “Magdi Khalil”, That the mood of the people has changed, and threatened that if he did not do justice to the Copts Sisi will move from apathy to the opposition box box.

Magdi Khalil evidence, that the mood has changed, is that the Christians were in the thousands in the last year before the United Nations, and he is personally send (35) A bus, in the last year, which was loaded with Christians did not do in this year, to become who stationed themselves in front of United Nations headquarters these days are by (5%) The number who attended last year!.

However “Holy Nabil” Author location “Copts United”, Rejected this vision, Fm'zaj Christians has not changed from Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a very thing, that many in the last year they came to see this man who led the disposal of the Muslim Brotherhood governance and celebrate its process, denying that the lack of number this year will be returning to the chill, The title of the article and clear: “Oh astray, they said Magdi chill between Copts and Sisi”!.

If Magdi Khalil, has described those who went to celebrate Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, they are beneficiaries of it in Egypt, or of some Copts associated with the regime since the era of Mubarak, has been described “Holy Nabil” A harp, which was denied Khalil, has traveled to Egypt several times since coming to the United States of America and most recently in the year 2011, it was reported to him the worst of them greeting The location “Copts United”, According to his opinion, he controlled and operated by years “Country security”And that they are on the site of the quality of the Copts working servants of the security services, and called in a description of them launched by the Coptic writer “Maged Atiya”: “Christians Security”!.

Away, for the tongue-lashing “Khalil” And”holy” And name-calling, it has lifted us embarrassment, after it became a play short, and after that Khalil stressed that “Solid bloc” That stood with Sisi and supported its legitimacy, is one of the Copts, has “Began their mood changed towards him”, Stressing that the thousands who had gathered in front of the headquarters of the United Nations in the past year were from this “Solid bloc”, Whereas the latter confirmed the same meaning, and they agreed that despite their disagreement on who were in this time and in the last year of the Copts!

I make sure I have this sense, and I was watching the program “On my responsibility”, And”Ahmed Mosa” Conveys this celebration in front of the United Nations Headquarters atmosphere, and obscures the other image was close to that scene, are those who come out denouncing Balsesa, and raise photographs of detainees in its prisons, and this is not the topic!

It seemed “Moses” Careful not to get involved in the Declaration of names of those who erected a joy, because the said names would indicate that we are in front of a sectarian celebration par excellence, it does not change the identity and existence of some veiled, and Moses begins his interview with each speaker, even asking “Enter in the subject”, Can not find suitable for anonymity occurs sectarian sorting, and touched the order of speakers driven by safety intentions, to know the celebrated their identity, so as not to waste effort in vain, and until you reach the message to Sisi, authority and clear.

Without proper, one speaker declared that this crowd behind it “Coptic Association”, And we did not need for his statement, to know how to partition the coup Egyptians, and how it is the latest crack in the wall of national unity, we need to be addressed, I do not think that the situation allows it only after Collapse Sisi page, on the rules of the revolution, or in accordance with the theory of change!

So long as the Church wants for itself a political role, and wants the Pope to deal as head of the Egyptian Christian Party, will continue the crisis, and there is no hope that is carrying the church to pay attention to the spiritual function, and if the problem of Pope Shenouda III in a political leader lost his way to the monastery, He was ready to do anything to achieve his leadership, the Pope Twadharos which did not prove politically aware, and did not convey him by the religious his opinion or political position, he found, paving the way for the role of political leader Vojpth the game, to cover the internal crises, is about to explode in his face such as the Coptic awareness after the revolution, and like a second marriage crisis which affected them more than three hundred Christian susceptible to increase!

Unfortunately, the Orthodox Church was present in the counter-revolution since the first day, and more than the case of the Revolutionary tolerance for Pope Shenouda parking with Mubarak, there is a secret that attendance canon was in all manifestations that paved the military coup, and since the first siege of federal, has I saw the monks in the editing and in front of the presidential palace, yes monks and priests not, and the origin of the monk that he is cut off from this world, but what happened to him that some of them returned to the referee drops the team, but who is a Coptic attendance “Support the legitimacy of Sisi”، “Solid bloc”, According to the description “Magdi Khalil”!

I do not know what was waiting “Khalil” Of Sisi, it has not been achieved?! What we do know that when hopes were pinned him “Charge” Widened from them (35) Buses to the United Nations to confirm the legitimacy of the international al-Sisi, a new theory of legitimacy, to join what he called Dr. Sayf al-Din Abdel-Fattah b “Science Asih”, When confirmed legitimacy bus!

What we have learned now that the Coptic mood has changed, and became apathy is what governs the relationship between Copts and Sisi, a way to make “Magdi Khalil” Announces that Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's policies toward the Copts, are no different from deposed policy!

To become logical to ask this same question: Were policies “Ousted” Bad?! As long as conducive to apathy and the mood changed when followed Sisi, why Pope Shenouda announced on the first day of the revolution in January that the Copts with Mubarak, and called on his subjects to not participate in the demonstrations? All our words about the Christian presence in the media to be had from attending the Evangelical Church, who led the famous Mass in “Tahrir Square”, And the publicity and the days after Mubarak's fall, as if to suggest the Orthodox attendance investigator, exploited the ignorance of the public to distinguish between churches. This was not true?!

Mubarak's policy in dealing with the Copts were based on the idea Win Pope ensure his followers, became proficient state play this file, to achieve what you want, rather than that he was obliged to deal with a Christian elite represent only themselves barely, and Pope Shenouda, who just came out of the battle cracking bones that led him President Sadat, accepted the minimum, and he had maneuvered with the new power after the assassination of Sadat, even issued a resolution to cancel Sadat decision of his dismissal, and regarded as a decision to create in the womb of nullity, even become is nothing either, the Mubarak refused and insisted on to issue a new decree to choose Pope Shenouda Pope of Alexandria, until it is as if it was a bonus!

Pope Shenouda, wants to be treated as a political leader of the Copts, or the head of state of the Copts, did not have the Mubarak regime a problem with that, it has benefited from his rule of this leadership, it is sufficient that the Pope issued instructions to his subjects for the election of national and candidates the party, in the parliamentary and trade union elections, or for the election of Mubarak in the presidential elections, Faihchdon fulfillment of that, do not elect Copts if run against the National Party candidate, but I do not mind crying in the Christian West that sectarian climate in Egypt, not a Christian deputies secreted. With the church itself stood against Coptic candidate it has also been with the Unionist Party candidate in Minya, and the candidate of the Wafd Party in the meadow in Cairo circle in elections 2005.

In contrast, the “Christians quota” In recruitment in parliaments The pope is chosen, the play Mubarak on the tendon leadership when the man, Sometimes bring him down the status of the President of the Christian Party, and sometimes treat him as a head of state Copts when betray Christians who became Muslim and turn a blind eye to their detention in monasteries violation of the law, and as obtained from the principles of a civil state!

This does not preclude the daily problems in detail, and from the wrath of this party to that and vice versa, but this does not affect the strategic deal, it was not both interested in that dispute moves to the dispute or conflict, the two are not ready for him, was tested Pope consequences clash with the state, and Mubarak was aware that it was not Sadat, did not call for details rupture, is the most important strategic interests are!

Mubarak in March “Political Almkaadh” With the Pope, in response to some positions, such as the position of the “Events Kosheh” Where Bishop Wissa he was involved with sound and image, and was excluded from the list of charges, the sensitivity of the submission of a cleric accused in a sectarian issue, and the position should be with the knowledge of the religious of his presidency, he was Mubarak responded in their own way as a man enjoy what is known as “Slag peasants”, And he was dependent theory “Political Almkaadh” In power!

Christians were activists always talking about that he never has been appointed Christian governor, Once upon morning Mubarak's decision to appoint a Christian governor of Qena in the heart level, amid a media acclaim at home and abroad issued in favor of the move, and it was the Copts who follow the Orthodox Church preaching themselves to the craft of play , and they can not reveal the dates, including in the self!

And because the new governor, has refused to understand the role that receives the clergy in the province to speak on behalf of the Christians, he is the governor of Qena, not all delegates to the church in his position, and thereby gain the sympathy of many who grow up in it without this understanding of the motives!

When Christians speak out saying, they complained of intransigence and said if the Muslim Brotherhood was best for them!.. Did not mention the fact, which is not mastered by public opinion and even the elite, because the declaration will cause the accused Western sectarianism and the practice of persecution of minority minority, Vamahafez belongs to the Evangelical Church!

Having signed Saints Church bombings, and doubts have been raised about the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior about, glued to the Islamists, and to provide a message to the west of the danger facing religious minorities at the hands of supporters of this movement, which represents the only alternative to the existing system, as it was an internal message within many messages frequently plays the chord that system Mubarak is “Protector” Christians be saved in his support!

And may have found these doubts to Pope Shenouda, and perhaps sensed a security negligence was the cause of the lack of access for offenders, he left the monastery for retreats, an act that betrays extreme anger, and the anger of Mubarak and considered it an act of surpassing the Pope, retorted theory “Political Almkaadh”.

Parliamentary elections have been conducted, and because of the right of the president of the House of Representatives set ten, and he had been the practice since Parliament (1987-1990) That the Pope is a candidate of Christians who Ciecmlhm appointment decision, has gone against Mubarak custom established by and named Gamal Asaad Abdel Malak, the Pope, who frequently criticized in the newspapers discount, and issued an important book in which denounces that represents the Coptic Pope politically, and was titled “Who represents the Copts.. The church or the state?”!, Issued after Abdullah's decision to ban landlords from entering churches and monasteries!

Mubarak was not that busy “Gamal Asaad Abdel Malak” A member of the movement “Adequacy” Flying logo rejected the extension and inheritance to his son, did not forgive his opponents, but it was his desire to maliciousness of the Pope, surpassing everything.
He had existed for less than two months on the incident, when the Revolution, the pope declared that they are with Mubarak!

Whatever is not, Mubarak has been satisfactory by the head of the church, so the talk that Sisi's policies toward the Copts do not differ from the deposed policies will not change radically change the situation, although we may have seen apathy, not only in the audience in front of United Nations headquarters in comparison to last year , but in an interview with the Copts in general, what he wants Sisi of them no more than he wants Mubarak, because demand more than this does not have the ability to pay his bill, and will move its ruler, it is not binding to the one previous bills, to someone who is controlled by “Solid bloc”.

Whatever I do not know what that was awaited by the people of Sisi, when he never stopped “Shipping contractor Alanfar Christians” To United Nations Headquarters, to continue to assert international legitimacy, and thus threatening to move the case from apathy to the opposition?!

Sisi is the son of state Mubarak, Christians have been like him “Nugget” With it, and with that he is accused of some of the responsibility for the events of Maspero, and the blood of Mina Daniel hung in the neck, just like the blood of the names Beltagy then, however, has stood with him, without actually apologizing what is attributed to him, just drop Morsi rule because it is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood , Morsi had not stomped them on the edge, but carried out Mubarak's policy in dealing with the church as a state, and that the Pope is the head of the Egyptian Christian Party, without the benefit of what was to benefit by Mubarak and his regime from bias Church to him, and representing a coup against the idea of ​​the state Civil advocated by the revolution of January!

The problem with “Magdi Khalil”, In that in a period of enthusiasm, did not think the logic in the mentality of Sisi, has demonstrated zeal that love actually “Mirror blind”, Valsasa can not throw all its weight in one hand, although the “Solid bloc”, Then he becomes captivated by her, and in ensuring Naguib Sawiris, was rejected by the party inside “Light”, But keep it to bring about this balance, with this “Solid bloc”, And do not even account for Party “Liberal Egyptians” Scene!

Sisi and does not concern chill activists, or even lukewarm Christians, all of them, because he needs them only on the rules of Mubarak, his teacher, and this is in the hands of the pope and not in the hands of activist threatens to move from here to the opposition. It is the dream of more than this, it Kgaia dreamed bread market!

Sisi is what he wants, however, “Great Contractor” It is the Pope, and the day that is committed to geographical Bhdodh and walls of his church, then it becomes a threat “Magdi Khalil” meaning!

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