Dec 11, 2023

A statement from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt about the Russian strikes to Syria

A statement from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt about the Russian strikes to Syria

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt issued a press release through the official front-page on the social networking site “Facebook” To comment on the Russian strikes on opposition websites in Syria, stating ..

بيان من الإخوان المسلمون ✍ حول غزو المحتل الروسي الإيراني لسوريا
Under an international conspiracy against our Arab and Islamic identity of our peoples and the Sunni, Syria and its men locked proud bones historic battle in the face of the Russian occupier Iranian cooperation criminal Egypt “Sisi”.
The Muslim Brotherhood group and confirm its position on the cushions of the Syrian people, and the whole Let them be proud of the revolution outs of the top criminal Bashar al-Assad, and she refuses to split Syria procedures under the auspices of the mullahs of Iran, Russia and the criminal Zionists, led by the criminal cover Arabic Sisi.
The group stresses that the continuation of the Russian occupation of the Iranian-Syrian mean worsened matters even more, which means that the resistance in Chechnya and Afghanistan will be repeated experiments will and mind on Tehran and Moscow, and their allies.
The group stresses that this is not a Russian invasion of Iran to face “State regulation” It is also promoting it in the media, but it is true to suppress the rebels to the criminal sectarian system “Bashar”, And it stresses that the US position is part of the system and to suppress criticism of the Syrian Revolution “Slave” Russian aerial bombardment on Homs and other part of the beauty and the ugly face.
إن جماعة الإخوان المسلمون تدعو أحرار العالم إلى مساندة سوريا حتى لا تكون عراق أو أفغانستان أو شيشان جدد، وتحذر الجماعة من تخليق هذا الاحتلال الروسي الإيراني وحلفائهما لبيئة عدائية على أسس طائفية تعصف بالوضع العالمي برمته.

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