Dec 4, 2023

Saudi researcher: Saudi Arabia is moving to lead a coalition of 9 Countries to overthrow Assad

Saudi researcher: Saudi Arabia is moving to lead a coalition of 9 Countries to overthrow Assad

Nawaf Obaid, Assistant Professor, Center Belfer for Science and International Relations at Harvard University, a researcher with the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Center, said it is clear that the Saudis will be forced to lead a coalition of nations to launch a military air strikes anti-Syrian forces and Hezbollah fighters Iranians, and to support the fall of the Assad regime Log in and help the opposition forces him to Damascus.

The writer, in an article network location “CNN” الأمريكية، إنه بعد نجاح العمليات العسكرية التي تقودها السعودية لانتزاع عدن وجنوب اليمن من الحوثيين وعلي عبدالله صالح ومقاتلي حزب الله، فإن المملكة تدرك أنه قد يتوجب عليها مجدداً أن تتصرف بنفسها وعلى الأخص مع الدعم الروسي للنظام السوري، الذي تدخل خشية تحكم الإسلاميين المتشددين بالبلاد التي تشكل نقطة مركزية وحيوية في المنطقة، مشيرا إلى أن السعودية ترى أن زوال النظام السوري يعد نقطة بداية محورية لاستعادة السلام والاستقرار في الشرق الأوسط وبالعالم العربي.

The writer mentioned that there are a lot of Arab countries and non-Arab, totally ready to intervene under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, including Turkey and Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Kuwait, and Pakistan and Malaysia have shown their seriousness to enter into such alliances.

ولفت إلى أن القوات الجوية الملكية السعودية تلعب دور القائد التكتيكي وستوفر معظم الطائرات والمصادر، ففي الحملة اليمنية، ساهمت هذه القوات بتزويد التحالف بمائة طائرة مقاتلة، ونفذت ما يقارب 90%من الطلعات الجوية.

He Writer: For Syria, it is expected from the UK, which has the best military equipment to the Gulf and Arab levels, to provide another hundred aircraft from its fleet Giant, and other coalition forces will work to provide a hundred other aircraft, including “F16” Turkey will be provided by the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Kuwait (Malaysia and Pakistan may also fall within the list of suppliers), Will also provide the UAE and Qatar aircraft “Mirage” Fighter, air force jets have graduated from the drone to fly over Syria.

He explained writer that access to Syria to help opposition forces to Assad by air, constitute an explanation of the axis which was developed by Saudi forces in recent years, since the conditions that called Arab Spring that the Kingdom increase the military promised, is required in addition to the United States and Europe refrain from interfering categorically Yemen and Syria and Iraq.

هذا المحتوى منقول من بوابة القاهرة

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