Mar 2, 2024

Reproach of Morsi adviser to the new Arab newspaper

Reproach of Morsi adviser to the new Arab newspaper

كتب الأستاذ أحمد عبد العزيز _ مستشار الرئيس مرسي لشئون الإعلام _ عبر صفحته في فيسبوك معاتبا القائمين على أمر صحيفة العربي الجديد فيما يخص وضع صور معينة لمقر الإخوان المسلين المحترق كلما نشرت الصحيفة موضوعا يتعلق بالإخوان .. Where he wrote:

Dear in the new Arab
Greeting and appreciation ..

With courtesy, to draw your attention that you Dopettm to put pictures of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood President burning, whenever You have published a topic in regard to the Muslim Brotherhood media Nuazkm ..
It is no coincidence that this is repeated, and using a different picture, although there are pictures of the headquarters itself before the aggression by the military thugs ..
Muslim Brotherhood vivid, vibrant, leading the popular revolt, and not from the past ..
Headquarters burning is a crime committed by the military against the Muslim Brotherhood, who have won the confidence of the people in more than maturity address, and not a sign of decline and wilt ..
I kindly Mhkouran revision of this editorial treatment that detract from Hyadkm and Mhnikm ..
Please accept my sincere greetings ..

One of the Muslim Brotherhood ..



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