Dec 11, 2023

For the first time a young man from the Arabs 48 Stabbing 4 Jewish

For the first time a young man from the Arabs 48 Stabbing 4 Jewish


For the first time since the start of the escalation of events in Palestine, the young man from the Arabs 48 Stabbing 4 Jews were shocked after his car near the settlement of Kibbutz Jean Shmuel northern Israel Sunday 11 October / October 2015, according to Israeli police, who arrested the young striker, aged twenty-year-old said.

Israeli ambulance reported that a woman in 19 -Year-old in serious condition and another girl in 14 He suffered moderate injury while two men wounded in the 20 And 25-year-old minor injuries.

Israeli police said that the young striker from the northern city.

A photographer for AFP in place that the security men were searching a yellow Fiat faced smashed the front to see if they contain explosive materials.

The appeal process These are the 15 Against Jews and Israelis since 3 October / October this but the first carried out by young Arabs 48 Who hold the nationality of Israel and lead to injuries, after an earlier incident in which a woman of Arabs inside also defamed a knife in the face of the Israeli security forces, but they shot her neighborhood before attacking anyone.

The operation comes after the killing of a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank by the Israeli army and a pregnant woman and her daughter in an Israeli raid on the Gaza Strip, with the escalation of tension that could turn into a new Palestinian uprising, according to observers.

For its part, the Islamic resistance movement Hamas warned Israel “Continuation” In air raids on the Gaza Strip, after Israeli warplanes launched strikes on Saturday night resulted in the Palestinian pregnant woman and her infant daughter killed.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement Sunday that “This targeting is evidence of the desire of the occupation in escalation” Stressing that the movement “Warns the occupation to continue in these follies”.

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