Sep 25, 2023



Syrian artist showed Ala Diop, his admiration for the Russian soldier, who fought in defense of the Assad regime, in his portrait Alcharikatrih, published by the official through his social networking site “Facebook”, Pointing to welcome supporters of current President Bashar al-Assad's military efforts of Russia to enhance its system.

According to the site “Arabiya”, Painting created a sensation in the Syrian circles where some felt that the cartoon is almost as “scandal” It reflects the image is dominated by weakness and despair and self-flagellation.

She explained that drawing, Syrian women appear in the image of the woman who flirt drifting behind “Russian soldier armed macho” As the strongest, while leaving her husband or boyfriend who embodies the plate in the form of weak dwarf, which threatens to blow himself up if he emigrated sweetheart rather than being any positive reaction restore his pride and dignity that was stolen from the Russian soldier, as it degrades painter model Syrian man in the painting in exchange Aalaih down foreign soldier “Savior”.

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