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Hazem Salah was not the only leader who warned of the next, although it certainly is more of a cautious and elaborated! But, the president warned of too many things in different languages ​​in the speech: Again and said: (I Khayef on girls), And this is a warning of the consequences of the symptoms of the next opponents of the military, has been warned of what!
The once warned of the conspiracy, saying,: (I Net Sobain or three Beetmdoa air) Although rare people what it has been warned! Those who Tendroa it the way they inform the military! In the sense that it was launched by the unintended irony in the dark who conspire to cover up their actions!
But the most dangerous thing is warned of systemic risk, which includes underneath it all dangers! And so when he said: (Aoawa Revolution Taatserg you)! Do you see the warning was directed each rebels or only the Islamists of them? Do you sense that he meant to steal the revolution from the military both in the field and at the time of Islamists and others? Or was it a warning directed to the rebels Islamists, and that there are those who stand with them in the field than others for the purpose of stealing their efforts and robbery; drag the country to Aalmanah image, did not differ from Mubarak's regime, but would be worse certainly; because they will not find Islamic force faced after that has been burned and depletion; Almanih to steal their efforts on a plate!
Over the history of the Islamic nation's liberation from colonialism was a revolt and Muslims are making the blood and money and lose their supply and birth control for the sake of their revolution, then derived from them is not creatures of the West, to sit on the throne of judgment, again on behalf of the West Viswmanm ill torment.
Algeria revolution led by Ben Badis and earned son without, Libya revolution led by Mokhtar and earned by Gaddafi, but before them, and scholars of Al-Azhar revolution against the French campaign earned by Muhammad Ali! And why go away! The organization of the officers Brotherhood in the king's army seized by Abdel Nasser, and he called the Liberal officers then Tzur on the efforts of the Brotherhood for decades to steal the country's revolution in July of America and see those transferred Khalidi in «Sayyid Qutb from birth to martyrdom» and pointed to him, and the separation of the Mahmoud Shaker dated Volume XIII of «Islamic history» and of course «July the American Revolution» Jalal booth!
If the Aalmanyen popularity and strength of the incubator in the street as they were always chanting song «street us» to have upheaval on Mubarak alone and ruled!
But if they were to them manpower arrived to power by election as I have already entered the eighty-eight of the Brotherhood's parliament 2005! But they are bankrupt human as they are intellectually bankrupt! Do not have the hearts of the people as they do not have solutions to the problems of the nation!
Therefore integrated into the ranks of the Muslim rebels on the size and arrogance do not miss it a conscious eye and then steal the whole revolution in every time we are in the ranks of spectators! But it would not be unfair to say that the judgment when choosing Khaled Said icon of the Revolution of January was to cover all the martyrs of the Islamists in the face of the military over sixty years and reap the benefits of their blood that watered the tree liberation without giving them the fruit of one of them! The latest was Syed Bilal!
Is the President intended to steal military revolution of all the revolutionaries? Not figured it! Because he said that while his speech uttered after he stole a military revolution of all rebels already turned 25 January in their favor! What he meant the president, but to steal them Almaon Islamist revolution and repeated history!
Now when I look at page Honorable Islamist lawyer famous, he says: "In the name of Allah the Merciful
President Morsi of Faraj Allah agony words: Aoawa Revolution Taatserg you. Beware Revolution Btaatserg », then I review the background of this speech from the fact that the man was part of a satellite channel crew as long as speaking on behalf of the revolution since established as the next Khafaji of America even bought Ayman Nour patients it from Europe; to remove them all Islamic appearance and prevents the mere mention of the status of the President on he President!
While I review that the meaning of what the president warned him understand! That the land had been burned, and that cadres Islamists have been liquidated, and that our strength has been framed, and that our resolve has been Tlchimh, and that it is for Aalmanyen to ride the revolution and Asoukoha and Asoukona with them where they want, and that we required a Westerner to hear and obey and leave the loudspeakers in the field completely, as they took us amplifiers and cameras in that channel to be Almanyen polishing them and their Gershm and in the minds of people in the victorious heroes returning to their home country under the triumphal arches soon if the West wants to take off Sisi!
The seizure of the Middle Channel and thereby altering the shape and disarming of the first Islamic film its character; alarming pace reality Brsuk and unhurried walk to steal the revolution! But to hand over the country to this category that are not being made, but the ride! Warning from stealing the revolution is no longer just a warning! It has become the voice of Last Call!
We will leave steal the revolution? Do you leave the price that we paid buys glory to others? Do we come to Muhammad Ali denies Omar Makram again? You will share d. Morsi to become just a name in the political context, despite all his family and his clan for the sake of liberation? As Omar Makram did not come out a share of the judgment but became just the name given to a mosque in Tahrir Square! Mosque ascend the pulpit appearance Shaheen Vinbh and barks and barks!
I have deliberately to write title (The most dangerous thing warned President) His name did not remind him of abstract d. Morsi; because it is not only the President of the President! If you believe in an Islamic democracy, there is no way you trafficker in support of any solution requires abandoning the president for allegedly revolutionary line-up!
This will not be lining up in the Forbidden soon to cause a traffic disaster! If you do not believe in an Islamic democracy Vtoaiedk way to the President and it is your duty as a matter of coping with the tyrants and their aides, and not being able to allow them to more of the land of Islam and Muslims!
Sheikh Rifai pleasure spoke before his death that support Hazem was a chore; it does not cope with the tyrants rule is different now in d. Morsi because it is the only one who can cope with the tyrants before they steal our revolution us to give it to their customers Almanyen lurking among us as usual; to govern thanks to our blood and Oaradhana! Ayman Nour, not to compromise, no settlement does not include his crew and all detainees president, not any solution does not include the punishment of the coup institutions, no turning back. Wake up before it is repeated history!
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