Sep 26, 2023

Hazem Abu Ismail .. By : Salim Azzouz

Hazem Abu Ismail .. By : Salim Azzouz

Every time I write about Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail, I find myself writing about his father, Sheikh Salah Abu Ismail, unlike in common Internet search engines, parent name is recorded shows you the name of the son, but the father of video to share a lecture here or there!.

Sheikh Salah Abu Ismail, a member of the People's Assembly for several courses, and since the Sadat era, that passed away in May 1990, has the world filled the vocal, opposed the Sadat and Mubarak opposed at the time were not allowed in it so, until it reached its case to announce In his testimony to the cause “Survivors of the fire” that he “infidel” The name. After fifteen years, he came to say to himself that he first opposed Mubarak !.

I'm not busy with faith Mubarak or Hamlet, but I was the biggest in the Sheikh courage unrivaled. Prior to this process of atonement stood in Parliament and announced his rejection of renewal of Mubarak for a second term, it is a wonder that the new generations do not know the man, who told the pillows in his face “Champion bunk”When he said, “No religion in politics and policy in religion”, After years of his death gave him the Minister of Awqaf Dr. Zakaria wild-sheet by Sadat, edgy for this post and his hand-written: “Summoned Zakaria Abdel Moneim wild tiger to respond to Salah Abu Ismail and anointed him tiles”. That we're with the new generations we have defined as the father of a firm!.

she was “November shown” In the house of Sheikh Salah Abu Ismail, Dokki, a small apartment identified on Tuesday and Wednesday to receive the children of his district, and it was Doomsday in the region, where “Tea cloves” Greeted grievances owners, has volunteered a present is based upon the delegation service, and one day he asked me to took him to the kitchen, and when interested to help him swear not to do, saying that he wanted Bastahabi him to speak, and he is a complete job, and the house in my mind a question, he answered him without that uttered it, as he said every time uses including doing it, but “Heavy load and many guests” Vtatdhir one after the other from continuing to work !.

I've been to Maha surprisingly, The questions that revolve in my mind answered by without posed to him, and in different positions, this brave man and he was in his attack on the officials and the degree of its response to the deadliest strongly interior minister of Egypt is known “Zaki Badr”, Away from the moments of anger, the owner of a joke, and many of the jokes I heard him for the first time and perhaps for the last time, is no jokes is common and rolling type, which is not shared by his son, Sheikh Hazem, which I was seeing shy in the presence of his father, and although he inherited his physical Hilmanh not seeing days sitting in front of him, where they stand in literature and his eyes on the ground, and for this I thought I was older than him before the second appearance in the January revolution and Oukovi as a full five years older than me !.

One of the attendees of the sons of the circle, and the villages of the governorate of Giza, told the Sheikh that “firm” It comes to the village mosques and cast the lessons, and spontaneously said villager: “And people say it is better than his father”, But he shined in kind Sheikh and Club on his son, who stood in front of him as the above-mentioned, and told him happy: They say you go to the Department of Tnafsna betrothed and say you better than me, and gasping one firm words: “Amnesty Dad”, That went away!.

He inherited the firm from his father, courage and clarity of vision, lack of exercise, and inherited the attendance and agility, but did not inherit his oratorical and rhetorical abilities. Sheikh was a phrase out of his mouth, seems closer to the house eloquent hair, increases Well strong voice enormous linguistic taste and ability, and I'm not sure that Sheikh Hazem could be his council in the spaciousness of his father's Council, which make room for one like me, it was not his attendants on religious level, he was critical of the current political Islam, announcing the publication, however, take me to his kitchen to talk and he did not newly not matter as evidenced I after all these years does not remember him, is clear that his call for Echtsna speech, but for entertainment is based washing cups, and the preparation of teapots guests tomorrow!.

First Impressions of Sheikh Hazem was for me when I ran for membership of the Bar Council in 2004, with a picture in the newspapers appeared beard white, and became the closest object to the body of his father, but this image does not change the stable idea which I oversized're not, there are genetic factors and so affect the emergence of white hair at the other and came from behind when others!.

And this afternoon after so much on the level of religious preaching that you know he practiced for many years and it developed to become the stars of religious TV channels, but I considered that the second coming began with the revolution of January, and was a problem for me that the old impression: “Son of Sheikh Salah”, Is dominant on my thinking, as was the image of the typical to the Salafi preachers made them view it as one like them is not fit to rule or policy in this atmosphere, and this section junta came to induce them and play around with them and give them the subordination military spokesman said,!.

The speech was the Muslim Brotherhood denies organizational relationship with the group, and evolved my gaze to him, he is my Authority and painting, my predecessor man, before that I remember that he joined the Muslim Brotherhood, which is what I heard from his father, who said with a laugh, he kept saying that the Muslim Brotherhood if they closed in my face door jumped on them of the net, they are recruited and Vagafzoa “firm”!.

And it seemed popular firm increases, and confuse the revolutionary scene whole, while jog everyone to the military council, and all the forces, they desire the benefits to them, he warns of a military coup against the revolution, and before this and when Mubarak stepped down and appointed the junta his successor, warned of support this step, but crowds of revelers in Tahrir Square and in all streets and squares of Egypt, represented the atmosphere of hysteria were not to listen to the voice of reason and a man came from the city seeks maximum !.

All the forecasts say that Sheikh Hazem is the favorite to win the presidential election, and he is able to be resolved in the first round, and threatened to Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi counseled – Who deny themselves even they believe that the army is the fever of the revolution and forced Mubarak to leave- Hazem that if nominated, there will never be a presidential election !.

Not be delivered by claiming that his father, Sheikh took American citizenship, and do not pretend that I have information denies this, but what I do know that the text in the constitutional amendments after the revolution on the conditions of candidacy should not be a parent may load the nationality of another state, it seemed to me a text contrived, a novelty It does not exist in all the old constitutions, and it seemed uninhibited and put it to a particular situation!.

Have already been excluded from the nomination of Sheikh Hazem and the blessing of many of the elders who underwent them by saying the junta, and welcome exaggerated, and also welcomed by other powers which, although they own that increasing the Brotherhood, there could be increased to “Hazem Abu Ismail”, He did not say legitimacy of the parliament and not to the field, which is and his supporters were present at the events of Mohamed Mahmoud, and when they were anise to sit down with the next prime minister of the Policy Committee Essam Sharaf, and with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, he warns of a military coup against the revolution.

Sheikh Hazem has become a psychological complex for all of those who left their posts in the revolution, and they went to collect the spoils, the enemy came from above them and from below them, and deviated eyes and hearts reached to the throats!.

It was natural that the early decision is a coup Hazem Abu Ismail arrest everyone paying the price of heedlessness and is paying the price consciousness.

It wants the Brotherhood to apologize to him, he has to apologize first for Sheikh Hazem.

Egyptian writer and journalist

the source: Gulf Times

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