Feb 22, 2024

Malik Hasan

Malik Hasan

Description Malik Hasan, a prominent business group the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, accused of b “Damaging the country's economy”, That “The absence of the mind and logic”, Revealing a surprise on him accused of companies that fall under the responsibility of the state for several months. This was according to the official page for the proper owner of the social networking site Facebook, which no one claimed responsibility for the management announced yet, although the sources spoke of Anatolia, suggest that the page currently is in the possession of his family after his arrest. And directed the Interior Ministry said in a statement, charged to the owner and others b”Scheme to collect foreign currency and smuggled out of the country management, and work to escalate instability dollar exchange rate, to pre-empt efforts by the state to achieve economic stability”. In response to the statement of the Interior, said the official page of the owner: “While absent of reason and logic, the indictment of the man who collect business on all walks of life to work to build a truly national economy takes into account social responsibility, that seeks to harm the country's economy, and stands with 4 Others behind the collapse of the national currency”. Under the title, “Scandal confirms fabrications and falsehoods”, Added the official page of the owner: “In a failed investigation diary no different from the diary era of former President Hosni Mubarak, SSI Malik Hasan accused with two state-run exchange since 12 In August 2015, of being behind the deterioration of the economic situation, and the collapse of the national currency in recent weeks”. She Page, that “In 12 In August 2015, it was announced reservation to my company Tawhid and Noran Exchange, meaning that the two companies since then in the possession and management of the Commission on the reservation of funds (Government), And published today that the owner of my company with the same conservative exchange them behind the collapse of the national currency”. For his part, Mustafa Demeiri member of the defense of the owner, told Anatolia body, said he is still waiting for Malik and others on behalf of the Supreme State Security compound V, who was the era will begin Friday. He pointed Demeiri, that “Accusations and the Interior Ministry is not unfounded, and will be denied in the investigation that received”. The owner of the business Obozor Brotherhood men who boarded the revelations since the arrival of Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian democratically elected president to power in June 2012, and collected close ties with businessmen in Egypt and abroad, and continued throughout the two years since the overthrow of Marsa in July 2013 Immune from prosecution security. This is not the first time that the arrest of the owner of a security, has been arrested in 1992 Known in the media as the case”Salsabil” With the leader of the group Shater, as was referred in 2006 Extraordinary military trial with 40 Brotherhood leaders, and in April 2008 He was sentenced 7 Years, and confiscated his money and his family. Expenditure “Owner” From prison amnesty from the military junta, which took power after Mubarak step down, after the revolution 25 January/ 2011. And he got Omar son of the owner, on the death sentence in the case known to the media”A fourth room operations”, And that the Court of Cassation decided to book appeals to judgments where the rule of session 3 December, according to a judicial source.


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