Feb 21, 2024



, Stressed Chancellor Walid Sharabi, a spokesman for the Egyptian Revolutionary Council that the national line-up should not be contrary to maintain and uphold the legitimacy of President Mohamed Morsi.

Hue “Sharabi”, In an article published on their profile on Facebook, I support the national line-up with those who participated in the military coup, but without giving up three principles and convictions, I find it necessary that displayed by those who participated in the coup now believes that the return of the revolution, a: To acknowledge the error committed by his blessing of the military coup, and to demand the return of me, President Morsi to power, and should not have been involved in the blood of Egyptians .

He asked”Sharabi” Saying: If it means giving up the lineup and President silence on retribution for the martyrs and the recognition of the legitimacy of military rule right of me I ask myself some personal questions why I rely in the fourth with the protesters? And why it was isolate me from the judiciary? And why I left home and family? If this is the floor of the lineup they were not representing any problem with the military, it did not represent a crisis for me if delivered by or consented Revolutionary Bastefaffhm!!!

The face “Sharabi” Message to those who called them b”Revolutionary degrading owners” Who began a campaign targeting the Egyptian Revolutionary Council and its symbols, saying to them,:
-The challenge, which was announced to the will of the military rule in Egypt, and the Egyptians demanded that the Egyptian Revolutionary Council was not but it was President Mohamed Morsi.

– The adhering to the legitimacy of President Morsi is President Morsi himself, even if he wanted to do assignment, and that the Egyptian Revolutionary Council just a supporter of the will

President Morsi and behind the rebels in the streets and alleys and universities and are not rebels screens.

– The status of the blood of the martyrs in the neck is not President Mursi and the Egyptian Revolutionary Council.

– The Egyptian Revolutionary Council clutch on the legality and guard her, but the owner is President Mohamed Morsi, it wanted to place undue legitimacy not requested by the Egyptian Revolutionary Council, but it may request that the owner of such a President Mohamed Morsi.


Source: Facebook

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