August 17, 2022

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  1. Hussain

    First is the toxicity agreed dialogue between your House and the saree is given the right to publish
    Do you have the right to publish private pictures of another party
    You agree to post photos of your daughter and are sure you wear swimsuits swimsuit because you can't sit on the beach in jeans and especially you sanfti to all around him his clothes.
    And you took her permission to publish the pictures then you are Crys hear guest and report the message and not the hand, but the defect investigation channel and the gentlemen officers who allowed you to intervene inappropriately then you program when it salary webtakhdi Weaver Elly what wemaalghard program items and then you press photos in any program and reported toxicity are you took pictures of the other party or sit down with him to judge her by those charges Yes clear accusations, Central and then you debsti maak production manager You say that the images reach the production manager on the phone if it is necessary to know who arsaltha then you bthditi girls with more pictures and expose and stronger than this question for you? Les bthditih are you have accompanied you or neutral interest then the kit all you saree that was driving him and gives him orders product either your presence
    You made a mistake in not very complete family problems and curses and destroyed mine any person's life if she is right or wrong and frankly where do you expose yourself in front of a girl without listening to the other party or know anything about.
    This is unfair for a young lady I have no right to charge her for her life but she begged you departed, treason most of immorality because immorality comes from treason and not vice versa then where your comment on young offender
    I consider this. Malice and other disease

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