Feb 21, 2024



A confirmed officers Search and rescue team Who arrived to the place of the fall of the Russian aircraft in Sinai, and the death of most of the passengers, adding: «We extracted about 100 Bodies so far from the plane and the rest at home, have not found since we arrived on any injured or survivors ».

The officer said- Who asked not to be named- «Egyptian today», said the plane was divided into two parts, one end of a small plane was burning, and the other crashed into a large rock ».

He explained: «Tragic scene.. A large number of dead on the ground.. And many die while they are in their chairs Trusted belts, and we found a 5 Children dead.. Most of the passengers Women ».

He continued: «Passengers' bags littered the place and a large part of it was burned, and a mountainous area where the plane went down but they are not high-rise and the many valleys».


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