Dec 11, 2023

US State: The Egyptians 5 Globally on Twitter in support of the organization Daash

The official publication of the account the US State Department, on the social networking site “Twitter”, Anfujravek, shows more factions that support Daash within and Ngreda her, pointing out that the study prepared by the Brookings Center, which will rely on 20 A person in the statistical. Egypt ranked fifth as the most Ngreda countries for the benefit of the organization Daash on site “Twitter”, According to the announcement by the location of the statistics since the beginning 2015 Until mid-April, Xinhua. And Saudi Arabia came in first place in terms of the numbers of supporters to organize Amordan Daash, followed by Syria, Iraq, and then the United States in fourth place. Included list, both of Tunisia and Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon. The United States, along came in fourth place, while Turkey came in seventh place, and Britain in last place, then Tunisia, which ranked eleventh and final.


(Today Alsaya)

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