Dec 1, 2023

Egypt raise the price of LPG cylinder 750% in JulyMinister of Supply and Internal Trade said the government of the coup Khaled Hanafi, in particular that the price of LPG cylinder remarks (Cooking gas) Outside support system will rise from 8 Pounds (Dollar) to me 60 Pounds of household cylinder (7.9 Dollars) The beginning of the month of July next, which represents an increase of 750%.

He pointed out that it will coincide with the start of the application of smart Erot LPG system, for the disbursement of the per capita amount of subsidized cooking gas 32 Butajaza kilograms per year, equivalent to about 2.5 Kilo per month, and weighs about cooking gas cylinder 12 Kilograms Butajaza.

Minister of Supply and explained that citizens who consume subsidized share, to resort to the purchase price of free roller, pointing out that the price of commercial cylinder, will rise to 85 Pounds.

He pointed Hanafi -hspma publishing site “Arab New”- That it will exchange the cylinders due to family per month, through smart ration cards, and is received from a residential area of ​​the warehouse without suffering and lines or the official and black market was worth.

He pointed out that the ministry retreated from the application of the new system for the stove, the middle of this month, because of failure to complete the database of citizens.

He pointed out that the ministry will apply the gas points cooking bounty in use, so that gets in exchange for rationalization free goods ration similar to what is applied in the bread points, and that the ministry will issue a cooking gas cards to those who does not have a ration card as the butane gas, bread and basic strategic commodities the citizen and the state must be provided.


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