Dec 11, 2023

Sana Saif

Sana Saif

Across her profile site Facebook wrote activist Sana Saif:

From the prison hospital ‫#‏Spans
Amal Mohammed Ali was brought Thmtha drug, Chalte issue instead of her son admitted supercars itself Tobadh.
Spent part of the time and her name came down in an amnesty in April 2012 , Just a Mkhriz because the amnesty was Hart and control. There is no place of residence include it. House was the name of her son, which he guaranteed the same.
Jalha breast cancer and remained down on the deportations Institute of Oncology Ashan Taataalj chemical.
The Pthoudr chemotherapy session and ten do not. Icololha visits continued Altrahilh Atokhrt, once Altrahilh Taiji on who is Mahdeddah hospital and da Kteer. Each session Ptvutea necessary employee graduated from prison Takhaddlha new date and after the Prison Service agree to the Promised.. Partisan.
After chemotherapy was supposed Ahilwa Ashan Mergash breast cancer spreads Tani.
Altrahilh preferred Mtjeic, somewhat musty hopes her chest. It was musty the literal sense of the word mesh Aforh. In the period was the de Mkarovh very itself was the grace in her bed on the corner mesh and mesh Ptqrb Btaathrk him of not allowing any extent limit Iqrplha until their owners Ashan Maxovh and of itself Mkarovh.
In the other breast Chalwa Bs very Otokhroa, the tumor has spread Tani arrived for blood.
I met hopes to Hdzona in the prison hospital Ashan strike, I lived two months Amaaha.
Even if it were Drs They say that all those people they could have right Eskinolha they try to reduce the pain you die.
Preferred to descend Cancer Institute Atsrvlha tramadol Ashan Bs dwell pain, salvation. There is no treatment.
Bs until the housing Astkhosroh.
Director of the hospital at the time his name was Mohammed Rushdie is Dr. Mary, loves Basha was hit tramadol. Was Beachd housing Btaa Amal, the other means of Baketb was imprisoned for deportation Ashan down Tescurlh.
Last month the guardian was actually Ptqad all night screaming from pain. Ehna prisoners were Bnaguiblha ibuprofen Ndaholha Tesfh can know a little rest Jkovha sleep, for example, and Basha promising in his office(Just steps away from us) Air same treatment Ptalla.
Melian Stat prison uniforms hopes, but I'm mesh Hkdr Call them in detail because they are flown and my words possible Aovem.
day 18 November 2014 Amal died air prison, Ashan CDA able Call her palms.

the source: Facebook

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