Dec 1, 2023

The Guardian : Chief of Staff of the Egyptian army escaped from detention in Britain weeks ago

The Guardian : Chief of Staff of the Egyptian army escaped from detention in Britain weeks ago

Newspaper revealed “The Guardian” British in a lengthy report that the President of the Chiefs of Staff of the Egyptian Mahmoud Hijazi escaped from detention in Britain miraculously weeks ago, where the police conducted their investigations in London of having committed war crimes against his own people, and against the backdrop of the resolution Aatsama “Fourth” And”Renaissance”Hundreds were killed in the August / August of the year 2013.

It listed the newspaper how escaped Hijazi from detention on the fourteenth day of September / September last, when he arrived in London; in order to participate in a huge show of force, which was scheduled to be done to arrest him immediately and check in prison, had it not happened days of arrival on before What's called “Special immunity” Prevented his arrest by police “Scotland Yard”.

He says the lawyers who sue Sisi system codes they communicated with the war crimes unit in the British detective “Scotland Yard”, When they learned that Hijazi was in Britain to participate in the exhibition began on the fourteenth of September / September last, and what it was, but the police responded to the lawyers on the 16th of September, saying: “Will look at any opportunity arises to arrest or interrogation Hijazi.. It was also discussion about it with you before”.

However, the police was soon wrote to the lawyers the next day, saying Hijazi won “Diplomatic immunity” من قبل وزارة الخارجية البريطانية، وإنه يتعذر إلقاء القبض عليه.

Says “The Guardian” The attorneys by the Freedom and Justice Party, who belongs to him elected civilian president Mohamed Morsi- Intend to go to court to invalidate any decision to grant administrators and assistants temporary diplomatic immunity.

the source : Agencies

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