Dec 9, 2023

 & Quot; chest" Address a letter to the Shiites in Egypt


The face of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Tuesday, a message to the Shiite sect in Egypt, and with invited them to leave all what irritates public opinion, even if it leads to leave some rituals, it has expressed its readiness to send delegations to the Egyptian government to remove any risk of staring in Egypt, according to “Alsumaria News”.
Sadr said in a message addressed to the Shiite Muslims in Egypt: “I have been following your municipalities and public and private your issues closely through monitoring, news and some formatting and communications, with some quarters away from you and you alone”. He added: “Elite I take care of myself Bhaonkm”.
Sadr said: “I am Bhaourkm suffer and feel as though I did not hear you complain or nag here and there, I'm sure you Mahfovon the danger that lurks staring at you and you militants, who suffer not only them but also you suffer them”, indicating that “These Athmokm employment Shiite other countries, but things evolved Vsaroa accuse Balzll and serious deviation from Morals and Dogma, in order to curb your role and restrictions upon you”.
He said that al-Sadr “That lie and pure, as soon careful consideration, we find that the Shiites in Egypt did not transgress on one, and did not try to booby-trapping and bombing does not stick or crevice Jun necks and terrorism”, Explaining that “They did so from other parties are entitled to be labeled as an enemy of Egypt and Islam and humanity”.
Sadr called “Every Egyptian Shiite that clings to the love of his country and his country and to continue on this real national approach is required of you stay in this difficult period, and to keep the correct line Mohammadi”, Pointing out that “Egypt is still the same character equinoctial Mohammadi true, and what bearing have the love of Ahl al-Bayt Btoaivhm”.
Sadr confirmed that “This character who popularized in Egypt since the time of the Fatimids to this day may not last, especially with the presence of currents (Islamic) Militant want to sow discord in Egypt, where they want and from atone defer from want and like Secretary-General of Islam and Muslims”, Asking them to b”Leave all that contradicts the general situation and what irritates public opinion against them, even if it leads to leave some rites, and the formation of delegations to meet Mrajekm and your brethren in other countries, to debated with public and private Omorkm, especially Hawza in Najaf, and I am very willing to cooperate with you in this regard”.
He stressed the need to chest “Striving to establish a political formations are not entitled Shiites, albeit under different names and give a chance to the large area of ​​the opinion and the other opinion, and give the opportunity to serve the oppressed and serve the people, and in line with the unity government and citizens”, Calling for a “Seeking to unite Muslims under one banner, even though different political and social beliefs and opinions, and in coordination with Al-Azhar actor with you and your scientists from all sects and religions”.
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He called for open chest active dialogue with other religions and beliefs is not particularly militant “Brothers moderate Sunnis and Christians brothers and other equitable communities, so as to curb Alchdda ugly role that wreaked in the land of Egypt injustice and corruption”, Calling on the Egyptian government to “Not to be dragged behind the threats of terrorists to provoke sectarian strife and criminal bombings against minorities, whoever they”.
He stressed the importance “Make way for the moderate parties to express her opinion and her husband in the democratic political process transparent, fair, democratic Egypt to confer on a beautiful free and transparent nature”, Expressing his willingness to”Send delegations to the Egyptian government to complete it, and to save Egypt from the dangers of terrorism and militancy and remove any risk of gazing out from here and there”.
He pointed out that al-Sadr “Egypt studded with bright page of ideological and religious communities which are characterized by love of God and love of the homeland of the Arab Spring, and therefore must pay Trinitarian fateful -alomraki and Israeli and British occupation- To pay Aldoaash risk of terrorists, but Alchdda from here and there and the tide”.
It is noteworthy that the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr confirmed on Monday (2 November 2015), He stood with Iraq's Sunnis and Shiites Egypt and Saudi Arabia because they are oppressed, as pointed out that he will stand with the oppressed wherever it exists.

the source : Arabic 21

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