Dec 9, 2023




Scorpio from inside the prison told Sheikh Mahmoud Shaban, a professor of rhetoric at the University of Al-Azhar, and one of the detainees, fairy stories about the conditions of prisoners in high-security prison.

Shaaban said in his letter published by the newspaper leaked “Egyptians”: that he “Already wrote to the remnants of conscience and did not affect one, pointing out that his message this Time to “Human body remains”.
The text of the message: You have sent a message by the remnants of conscience, and did not affect one of them and did not move a sure death of the consciences of many, so I write today to the remains of a man.
Write to the rest of the human being Hohoh ethics, ethics, culture, Vavckd to distinguish between right and wrong as well as the distinction between lawful and unlawful, write to the intellectuals of the nation and Aklaiha and elite writing to what he called God in his book publicly, write them do not wait for them nothing but to know who they are and what they are , write to show the image to each without lie or deceive or falsify.
Write them stand in front of a mirror of truth to perish perished from him and live for evidence of Hieddia. I write about the thousands of prisoners, most of whom are young people reject the injustice and return to the country of corruption and corruption, did not become corrupt countries, but has become a country, for every rotten corrupt country run by his knowledge to his advantage is his aides and his ilk, write about thousands of oppressed Disappeared Persons in prisons not only because the unjust Security thrown in search of a criminal I call and I call on the inability to access it, take for example, a group of East in extremist villages in place so that borders the stream channel through the desert Ismailia, an assault has occurred on a ship of this region, and if security is set on all villages and takes all bearded and all of veiled and all the serum, but it came for Friday prayers, the armored car waiting for people to get out of prayer and take them to the question and then return not return, and after leaving the Azuly Ferrand prison death visual statement of suspension, beatings, and cracking bones and joints and electrification in the genitals, all this and they ask for others who do not know, even if one of them said the severity of torture “Ya know Pasha” He said they took him down, and when he came down he does not know anything, but I told this by severe torture to Orihk and I saw death and I said I switch on the trend of death, Verwaoh second third and tortured him and said loudly I will tell everything they took me down, and when they took him down, he said, Pasha write what you want and I fells attic.
This is the tip of the iceberg, many people in Azula months tall, does not know a thing about them, some of them died of torture, including missing and some of them left on the Scorpio and some of them remained in the state security you see the other.
It is important these months is not calculated from the period of his incarceration, because his credit from the first presentation to the prosecution. On the issue of East villages, many priest The examples of this section who has made young people disbelieve in democracy, men and even disbelieve the homeland and culture, intellectuals and knows they exist, do not understand the faction intended to be present war, as if they fighting against the reaction in 25 January dropped to the throne of the greatest oppressor.
Make sure young people of this when he saw the old faces back its representatives and deputies, hates everything and played everything, elections and others, because he saw a war against the religion of Allah war on the right to a war on the good war for the sake of corruption and corrupt all, a war eat everything and everybody and increase hatred that brought forth trees of hatred impossible with life, he wrote on the generation of fury and anguish of death before he had seen life. Young O pad either a prisoner or a martyr or injured or traumatized to a relative or friend, young people make sure they do not have them but Allah Vtarul him and others who disbelieve.

the source: Egyptians

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