Dec 9, 2023

Expelled actress Rania Mahmoud Yassin, one of its guests “DC morning”, On Tuesday morning, saying “Go ahead with safety, Ehna originally We do not want no atheists and infidels”.

It was host the researcher Ayman Massoud, Ahmad burning, to hold a debate between them on the air, about atheism, and signed an altercation between the Rania and guest second Ahmed burning, for wanting to monopolize speak, and not to interrupt a while put his idea, which tried through which to emphasize the lack of evidence the existence of any historical figure in absolute terms, including the personality of the Prophet Muhammad, stressing that there is no scientific evidence of its existence, he said.

Received by Rania “There must be a response from the other guest on the words, and we ran from the ring, Fahaddha Ahmed to withdraw from the program.
The argument evolved, and Ahmed decided to leave the ring, she said to him Rania “Go ahead with safety we are originally We do not want atheists and infidels, people needed to heed the warnings of infidelity and atheism, and outrageous ideas in the community de”.


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