Dec 9, 2023

Faisal Al-Qassim:The fate of serial killers dustbin of historySyrian media said, FQ, that the solution in countries such as Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon must be a political solution, pointing out that what he described as”Thugs” In countries that witnessed revolutions to their fate “Mzabl history.”

Qasim said in a post on his social networking site, Facebook: “It can not be the solution to all the country's only political revolutions, not because the party was unable to eliminate the party, and that a political solution becomes a last resort, or in lieu of defeat. Never never never. But because of a political solution based on the sharing of power and wealth is the safety valve of any country in the world.”

He added: “If the party won the party will return to square one, which originally caused the outbreak of the conflict. Required states to all its citizens, not to oppress a class certain other categories for a period of time, then turn them disadvantaged, as happened in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon.” He added: “This does not mean the rehabilitation of thugs dirty revolutions in the country and its leaders criminals who used the military and security solution with revolutions. These fate Mzabl history, knowing I doubt that accept them Mzabl history. Because they are the dirtiest of the same garbage. With respect for the garbage.”


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