Feb 26, 2024

& Quot; Daily Mail & quot;: Najat British plane & quot; miracle" From & quot; missile strike" In Sinai


Newspaper published “Daily Mail” British news Saturday morning, which revealed the survival of a British plane carrying 189 Passengers from terrorist missile able to avoid it at the last minute, according to the British Ministry of Transport recently announced.

The newspaper revealed that the incident back to history 23 Last August, just two months before the incident Russian plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula, and that the pilot discovered the missile seconds before colliding with her body, and was able to avoid a few Psontimtrut and landing in Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport safely.

She “Daily Mail” The passengers were not informed that the imminent danger they passed by, and they were just a few moments from death, and did not know about it only 5 Only people from the crew were present inside the cabin, while coming in passengers at the airport as normal and went to enjoy Battlthm.oaota revealed the British Ministry of Transport about the incident that occurred two months ago at this time, after intercepting electronic discussions of a group of “British jihadis” As described by the newspaper, and they are talking about “ISIS” And in the Sinai “paradise” And”mole” In Sharm el-Sheikh airport, which raised doubts about the existence of an element of “ISIS” Have been planted inside the Almtar.kma This comes after Britain suspended the next Air flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, and after the announcement of the British Ministry of Transport for the possibility of expanding the flights ban to include other countries in the case of whether the indulgence and the defect was discovered in the security airports system, as happened in Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

It is worth mentioning that the news published “Daily Mail” That has been shared more than 5 Thousands time on network “Facebook”, After 3 Just hours lifted on the site.


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