Dec 4, 2023

Professor Mohammed al-Askari said the family who was killed today by an internal coup in Qaliubiya after being tortured, she said that the internal military refuses to hand over the body for burial by the family.

Family confirmed that the internal lied when she said that the military had been killed during an exchange of fire with them by trying to arrest him, and that his extradition expose their lies, due to the fact that the body does not have gunshot opportunitiesAce, as well as the presence of traces of torture evident in his body weak.

The security Qalubia elements on Thursday announced that they had killed Mr. Mohammed al-Askari - A rebel Qaliubiya, and the son of Khanka city in an exchange of fire with him during the attempt to arrest him, which was denied by his family, which confirmed his death due to torture after he was kidnapped yesterday in front of the Carrefour transit promptly at six p.m. coup by security forces.

(Gateway Qalubia)

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