Sep 24, 2023


Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announced on Friday his country is an Islamic republic, in a move he said was designed to rid his country more than its colonial past.

Collector said on state television that, in keeping with the religious identity and values ​​of the country “Gambia declared an Islamic state” He said that because Muslims represent the majority in the country, they can not “Continue the colonial legacy”.

Muslims account for about 95% Of the population of Gambia's 1.8 Million people, a mosque and said he would remain citizens of other religions can practice their faith.

The famous mosque issued a surprise announcements during his presidency, which began before 21 -Year-old, and had already pulled out of the membership of the Commonwealth in 2013, and described it as “Colonize new” As already announced in 2007 Reached an herbal cure for AIDS.

In spite of the strong trade relations with Britain and other European countries that their citizens regularly visit the beaches of white sand Gambia, relations with the West have deteriorated in recent years.

The European Union has suspended temporarily aid money last year on the grounds of the Gambia “Poor record on human rights” It occupies the center 165 in between 187 State index of the United Nations Development.

The blogger said Mr. Sane -oho former foreign minister and became an opponent and live in the United States- The thirsty for development funds Mosque because of the unfortunate record on human rights and economic mismanagement, is looking forward to the Arab world and as an alternative source of development assistance.


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