Sep 23, 2023

Calculated Ayman Hatem

An important statement..
Converging playoffs and crazy arrests the authority of repression and corruption in Egypt with abbreviated speech revolution to differentiate between Egyptians to achieve one goal is the Valley of the revolution and the demands of the people..
Steal the revolution if left to corrupt authority scrambled.. Or left for an edgy speech not wayward stems from our constants or the principles of the revolution..
Peaceful revolution has begun 2011 It awakened idle sleeping and inspired and silenced the oppressor..
And will not hand the banner of non-official speech allegedly talking on her behalf and is not only served the counter-revolution..
Our University not finding anyone.. And do not reject the factions and not destroyed..
But a revolution of the whole.. They are Clipboard and is the way to live, freedom, justice and dignity..
Not left but their children.. From imbibed her dream and raised their demands and did not differentiate between her sons..
The revolution will soon own the whole of her sons loyal to principles and upholding our cohesion and save our country and preserving our generations….
Every Egyptian free invited to drop the crime of coup d ' état on his will and freedom..
The fields of the free pool of Egypt as being in detention and exile..
Our hands will be freed of all his children who do not accept injustice and not silent about corruption and not overindulge in their homeland..
Long live Egypt free
And one revolution
And people dad
On Thursday, 21 January 2016
Ibrahim yousri (Former Ambassador) – Ahmed beef (The Student Union of Egypt)- Ahmed Salem (The Egyptian meeting)- Osama Rushdie (Egyptian human rights) – Islam ghamri (Alliance legitimate support) – Ashraf Tawfiq (Construction and development) -Amin Mahmoud (Weird movement) – Ayman Nour (Tomorrow the Revolution Party leader) -Ihab shiha (President of Pam) – On behalf of khafagy (Egyptian politician) – Order Maki (The parliaments) -Gamal Heshmat (Chairman of the Egyptian Parliament) – Hatem Azzam (The parliaments) — Viveka (AFRC leader) — Sami Kamal El Din (Notify me) – SAIF Abdul Fattah (Professor of political science) – Salah aldabony (Justice Society of Egypt) – Emma (The parliaments) – Abdel-Rahman Youssef ( Cumshot ) – Sheikh Essam talima-Essam Abdel Shafi (Professor of political science) – Ammar El-Beltagy (Youth revolution) – AMR Bicyclist (Former minister) – Amr Abdel Hadi (Front of conscience) – AMR Farouk (The parliaments) – Tarek al-zomor (Head of building and development party) – Magda archives (Coalition of women for human rights) – Mohammed Ismail (Deputy Coordinator of the movement of the weird) – Angel (Central Association of goodness) – Muhammad Schubert _ weird movement coordinator) – Mohammed Mahsoob (Former minister) – Magdi Salem (The Islamic party) – Mustapha Ibrahim (Coalition of Egyptians abroad) – Mesa AE (Weird movement) – Heraldic eliwa (God revolution) – Nevin King (Egyptian human rights) – Yahya Hamid (Former minister)

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