Dec 1, 2023

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return
(Of the believers are men true to what God was pledged Some died and some of them expected the same path,)

Today we read the dawn of the websites of the coup the news of the death of Professor Mohammed al-Askari after confrontations with the security forces of the coup, they say .

And the National Alliance to support the legitimate and reject the coup Bakhankp wed since the news of his martyrdom based on the news that it confirms that a hero. Mohammed al-Askari Hassan “Khanka City Brothers” Yesterday was kidnapped Wednesday in front of Carrefour transit time is six in the evening and forced to hide and that the allegations promoted by the media coup that killed an exchange of fire during his arrest and false allegations unfounded, and that he was killed at the hands of the putschists inside a tortured during their headquarters .

And the Alliance as an internal coup carries full responsibility for the consequences of the murder of the hero Mohammed al-Askari, it will not have mercy Awagiz coup of comeuppance, and will not stop the waves of resistance to injustice .

If tomorrow to sight a close.

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