Jun 8, 2023


Ayman Azzam


While closed when large sections of the people
About Sisi failed alahtal
While the entities of slaughtering each other
After starting their on some very
And they dispersed, fought the leadership and forced the row
The Panel calculates all shout at them
And I'm afraid that they are the enemies of our revolution, warn them after they trusted everyone
All entities that question is each other
Mistaken for a crime against the revolution
All individuals of the legitimate sons of the camp who questioned their comrades are mistaken in right of revolution
Pretty big crime
I'm afraid
To continue the conflict, they frustrate and go your wind
It replaces God you mean to others
They first made
And saved her
And I am Qila and see about
I'm afraid
To remain on your lightheadedness and revolutionary mrahkatkm
The revolution deserved led by sons of field & Street
And they undoubtedly ( Leaders and pioneers )
And the way these
The revolution will treading you and break the necks of your lightheadedness and Cui bemrahkatkm field with traitors and they dissembled and wore on the revolutionary road of the rectum
Wake up and go back to Word
They shut up forever
And glory to the martyrs
Al Nasr square


Ayman al-Azzam

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