Dec 4, 2023

The deployment of the website of the newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” Hebrew, on Thursday evening, a report on what it said about the details “Golden process” To assassinate the leaders of the al-Qassam Brigades “Raed Attar” And Mohammed Abu Shamala” In addition to the leader “Mohammed Barhoum ” Who rose in the same attack, Qassam said that one of the first generation of leaders of the Brigades.

According to the details, the dozens of customers who are working for the benefit of the Israeli General Security Service “Shin Bet” Participated in the making of security information on the whereabouts of al-Attar and Abu Shamala and Barhoum before being targeted and killed.

According to the details “At 2:30 P1embolden .. After months of follow-up and anticipation of Israel succeeded in implementing an overwhelming offensive against the Hamas terrorist organization .. Dozens of analysts and researchers, coordinators and staff of field operations locked their breath and waited for the moment of truth for the implementation of the action, which was the most successful since the elimination of Ahmed Jabari in November 2012″.

The newspaper added in the details “Several bombs weighing tons launched by F16 jets toward the house where al-Attar and Abu Shamala was in a shelter down the house .. They have been working for some time to prevent the arrival of any information to the General Security Service about their presence and their movements”.

The paper suggests that the head of the Shin Bet “Yoram Cohen” Personally supervised the process through special operations center in Tel Aviv and awarded himself the final green light to attack the Israeli army after the operation that has intelligence.

The newspaper described the image within the leadership of the operation center where she said: “Plasma screens were in the room and left behind dozens of working under difficult circumstances .. The last minutes stressful months since the nerves are monitored Attar and Abu Shamala and he should make sure they are inside the house, which was surrounded by dozens of homes and fear of the difficulty of the military action in place because of the lack of definite information.. Dozens of customers moved in order to process gold and with them came the news certainty of their existence until the bombs were thrown at the house and all the officers on a high certainty of being killed then”.

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