Salahaddin.. By d. Mohammed Mahsoob


In 3 July 1187 The Crusaders received one of the roughest their defeats at the battle of Hattin, which led to the restoration of the Arabs of Jerusalem after nearly 100 years of occupation.. Since that date and uninterrupted West talking about salads with reverence and appreciation in the past are never repeated, it has become a symbol of the noble Knight who was not only brave but mercy with his opponents respect his word and kindness to weak regardless of religion and tolerance of differing with him on religion.
No doubt that the area occupied by Saladin in Arabic and Western sources are amazing and make history as a history of all the great ones between fact and fiction, which increases the charmed and questioned ignoramuses.
Involving Arab and Muslim history – the frequent incidence of – On many models as Saladin. It is a unique model in terms of the historical moment. At the time she met in Arabic and Islamic civilization such as Greek, Roman, Muslim and Christian scientists approached after wars were taking place on the doors, moved into courtyards, roads and farms and markets. And his translation movement slow and dense commercial transactions were sufficient that they recognize each other from near.
So the wars between them were not just military breakthroughs as ever, but turned to a moral and civilized race competitions.
It was a battle of Hattin model for all that.. The two camps met for military purposes but also for cultural competition.
Saladin managed to score goals against the other, expensive even record himself – as a moral and military commander.- An integral part of the Western mind.
Therefore, it is not strange that Voltaire speaks after the departure of Saladin by about five centuries of admiration from “The man who left a will be distributed among poor Muslims, Jews and Christians, in a gesture from him that when human suffering may not find religion to save him but find his humanity. Unfortunately few of our leaders of Christians holding these meanings”. (In Essai sur les mœurs 1756)
Gotold Gotthold Ephraim Lessing drew while Ephraim Lessing main character for his play Nathan le sage (1779) From “Boritrih for debt that carry meanings of humanism and accessories and was fond of the truth.”.
Either of the Scottish novelist Walter Scott was impressed with the historical novel in character the Talisman (1825) Speaking as a model for the Knight “Brave and smart and who was not back on his promise and did not spare his generosity and mercy on his opponents”.
Saladin cross personal time, imposed itself on Western cinema, made the task of jumping on hard facts of history in a period in which he lived, as like the model spin washer all events. It is reflected, for example, the producer and Director Ridley Scott film Kingdom of Heaven film when processing and display years 2005.
In the area of historical studies, I invite to read Mary hands A.-M. Eddé, Director of research at the French National Centre for scientific research, history teacher in Sorbonne 4 , And then Professor of history at the University of RMS, and finally Director of historical sources of Research Institute 2005 – 2010.
Mrs specialization is in medieval Islamic history and especially the study of Arabic sources during the Crusades, and the latest manuscript. “Biography for salads” Publication in 2008 Versions of the flamario library.
History Professor, tried to address in her latest aspects of the legend in the character of Saladin to distinguish them from the real aspects, but it did not work, for the simple reason that the character in the history of the legendary aspect in the history of humanity, not for being untrue but for being exceptional..
Saladin Arab Muslim Kurdish hero.. No one did for Kurdish origins in time Arabism times like tongue which cultural incubator for Islam ethnic origins with no number.. War not because of his sister, because wars strategy did not erupt suddenly, especially if we talked about the war changed the course of history as location Hittin..
And being academically inclined monetary loving makes me doubt all inherited..
But the balls no tools are in the ocean adventurer who sails a boat taxi.. The fate of drowning
Nor do I see a flaw in any critical look at our history..
But understanding, study and own research tools and ability precede criticism..
Ultimately, the history covered by a specialist rather than a date that cure novelist.. فالأول يكشف عن الوقائع ويدقق في صحتها إثباتا أو نفيا، أما الثاني فيضعها في حبكته القصصية دون أن يكون له أن يؤكد غير مُحقق أو ينفي WHAT هو ثابت..
المراجع الحديثة نسبيا للقراءة بعض..

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Salahaddin.. By d. Mohammed Mahsoob

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