Adolescence is an important stage in the life of a child and family life together, and some understanding and knowing enough information on that point, it is possible to pass successfully and safely and without stress or losses, there are some things you should know for the teenager, including:
1- Understand the needs of adolescents:
With the growth of your physical and mental and emotional and entered a new phase of his life, it changes some of the changes and different needs, it is no longer the waiting game or piece of cake, right then to accommodate these needs and you understand and accept them too, even if you don't agree with it at times..
2- The importance of having friends of teenager
Friends are the new family, and we need to accept it.. So all he does and say it will affect your son's friends in one form or another.. Accept having friends in your son's life, and assisted him in selecting friends to create a benign, if you want to criticize something you don't like, so gently and quietly.
3- Be a father and a friend of your son.:
A key relationship in this period is respect. If you show your son respect his wishes and choices as well as accept all of the changes that will occur in his personality, with some beams, you'll gain the affection of your son and his love, and you will be the source of security you would turn to your son when going through any crisis.
4- The father also a school for his son:
Convey your expertise in life, learn the principles and skills to deal with such difficult life. Learn how to drive a car, how to choose a job, how to dispose of the money, how does he choose his kidney.. All this will bring you one more son and make him trust you..
5- Educa to participate in household activities:
Adolescents tend to get out of the House to different places with their friends, no matter where, knowing that participates in requirements for home, some household and takes responsibility, because it is on the cusp of Manhood and will someday be in charge of his house..
6- Get ready for this responsibility.:
A son to be a man in his actions, and to take responsibility for his actions to guide you, and to cooperate with the Sisters of girls at home, and learn how to respect women and girls, and that is good manners and manhood..
A strong relationship between father and son in this critical stage, is very important for the son, the psychological support his confidence, and give positive energy.. If he could be a father to his son, would be the person of the son, and the strong relationship will continue even after the son grows up and riding.
Invest time and effort for your son and don't skimp on the strong relationship with his father, as a man today is that a teenager who found interest and advice from his father, and is the most expensive gift to your son to be fit for a family.