Dec 9, 2023
محمد القدوسي يكتب: البحث عن “زويل” بين غرقى “البرلس”
Why not looking for a “Ahmed Zewail ” Nor “Farouk El-Baz” Between the bodies of the shipwrecked, and infected wounds, and the misery of those arrested were young people who are from Egypt “Precedents owners” After that they were “Ambitions owners”? Why did not we look for “Zewail” And”Baz” Among those who have paid the last penny they could borrow for a price”Journey death” In a primitive boat, they wanted to cut its dreams of a journey towards the other side in the north of the Mediterranean, only to discover in the fatal shock that they did not board the boat, but they tied their dreams to the heavy anchor of rusty iron, sank along with the dreams, and the sinking of the worst luck of them with their dreams.
While no one was looking for “Zewail” And”Baz” بين ضحايا قوارب الهجرة غير الشرعية، فإن الصلة بينهم تظل واضحة، حيث الجميع كان يحاول العبور من حافة الإحباط إلى ساحل الحلم.
“Zewail” And”Baz” They sahbhma reconcile abandoned those who drown sometimes individual, and groups often, but it is said that luck is always accompanied by talented? Who said that every damn about is necessarily a conciliator? It has to tell us our equations that are not solved by solutions, and designs buildings, machinery, and methods of surgery and medication, and Knott music, and the texts of literature, and touches of the brush, which was filled world progress and light and happiness and beautiful, but it sank with those who did not find non seabed bedding and butter cover, they can not stick to their dreams, which were not in the end more than a marinade, waters of the sea and the Tears parents leak from between the fingers.
The latest information says steeped recovered his body on Friday morning 17 From April 2015, from water “Borollos” In province “Kafr El-Sheikh”. The procedures require the recovery of bodies, and treating patients with reservation them, and arrest directly to survivors, as “Criminals” Immigration attempted violation of the law. But I do not remember the information nor the actions they “Victims” Full societal system, began to ignore their dreams, very simple, and abilities, even the big ones have talented of them, to continue bleeding youth and minds, this bleeding which is heading to the West Sea, and possibly the ocean, the other for those lucky to reconcile, or to a dark bottom, at sea or prison, those who did not reconcile.
Surprisingly, that what remained surprisingly, that there is, so far, official census thorough and comprehensive to the number of Egyptians abroad, and that the huge gap between unofficial estimates, the available statistics across the Diaspora, which refers to some 8 Million Egyptians abroad, and between the official statistics for the number of Egyptians abroad, registered with the Central Bureau of Statistics, packaging, which say they are 2.0007 million thousand Egyptians only!


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