Dec 9, 2023

Qaradawi bless victories rebels in Syria and calls for their support

Park, president of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars, Yusuf al-Qaradawi successive victories achieved by several Islamist factions in northern Syria after united in my room operations “Conquest Army” That liberated Idlib, and”Battle Victory” That liberated Jisr.
Sheikh Qaradawi said through his personal account in the social networking site “Twitter” : “We congratulate provide the Syrian opposition and call for more cooperation between its factions {The rope of God, not divided among yourselves}، {God became Christians and prove your feet}”.
Qaradawi continued praise of the factions that defeated the Iranian regime's army and militia fighter in his class in the recent fighting, he said: “The weapon does not work only in the hands of the hero, and the hero is not made only of faith”.
He called al-Qaradawi need for the armed opposition in Syria, saying support arms: “It must be war materiel and physical strength to face the enemy and the enemy of God”, Pointing at the same time the need for a strong religious factor and faith between combatants and added: “Individual without religion or faith feather in the wind, do not settle the case, and do not know its destination, not live to McCain's decision”.
It is noteworthy that Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi Syrian regime and Iran strongly attacked on several previous forums, also called for “jihad” Against the Assad regime b”Hand, tongue, heart”, Calling on Muslims not to pay attention to the scientists “Sultans” Who justify “The oppression of the rulers and their actions Icheranon”.



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