Dec 11, 2023

تلوث مياه الشرب بالطين شرق الإسكندرية

A state of discontent swept the area east of Alexandria, and especially King Hefny Moundrh Street to the east, where the transformation of people's surprised today drinking water to the dark water color and with a bad smell because of mixing with mud. She stressed Marwa Shenawy, one of the region's population, that the problem started in the morning, where surprised by people's mixed with water mud down from the tap in the home, and pointed out that the people tried to call and inform the drinking water company in Alexandria, to no avail, and still the problem list to now, forcing the the people to the use of mineral water at all, which represents a financial burden on them. For his part, Engineer Ahmed Jaber, head of Drinking Water Company in Alexandria pointed to the seventh day that he will follow up the situation in that region, and steering committee of the plant to take samples of the said street to analyze water from homes and shops to show the problem, stressing that the region does not suffer from any malfunction or break in any close or surrounding pipe, also stressed that Mandara area quite far from the source feeding station Manshiya 2 Which has been suspended the day before yesterday because of leaking petroleum products to its feeding canal.

(the seventh day)

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