Sudden decision of the central bank enhances its value of the pound against the dollar

  Bankers said the Central Bank of Egypt on Wednesday to raise the price of the pound against the dollar by 20 Piasters for banks to price up to 7.7301 fairy. They added that the central bank's move to pump dollars into the banking system where the dollar display the new price. The move came as a surprise to bankers who were expecting a devaluation of the pound, which many economists consider overvalued. […]

The stock market lose 13 Billion pounds

Stock indexes ended Tuesday's session 10 October on the decline because of the Egyptians and foreign investors, which went to sales. The market capitalization closed at a level 425,828 Billion pounds billion pounds. The decline in the main stock index “EGX 30” By 4.40 % To settle at 6,824.74 Points, the index fell “EGX 50” By 4.22 % Stable at 1,152.70 point, and lost […]

Economists: “Sad Day” In the stock market waiting for tomorrow

Economists said, on Saturday evening, there is a great fear of a sad day includes the Egyptian Stock Exchange tomorrow, Bcespb Russian plane disaster. For his part, Mohammed Maher financial analyst at Prime Securities said, occurrence of fluctuation in the Egyptian Stock Exchange's performance during this week as well as the fluctuation of Arab and global markets. وأضاف ماهر فى تصريحات صحفية، أن هناك توقعات […]

Foreign exchange reserves recorded the largest monthly loss in more than 3 And a half years

, Central Bank of Egypt announced that its net foreign exchange reserves fell by almost 1.761 Billion dollars during the month of September, the largest monthly loss since January 2012 , Which amounted to 1.765 Billion dollar. He said the central bank through its website said on Wednesday that net international reserves reached 16.335 Billion dollars by the end of September (Initial), Compared to about 18.096 Billion dollar […]

Dollar close to 9 pounds and the government fail to respond to the crisis

Breaking the dollar all red lines when he arrived at levels ranging from approximately 8.20 And 8.80 pounds, an increase of Nhuginyh for the official price of the dollar, which is about 7.83 جنيهًا وشهدت أسعار الصرف في السوق الموازية حالة من التذبذب وعدم الاستقرار خلال الأيام الماضية عقب تصريحات وزير الاستثمار أشرف سالمان، والتي أشار فيها إلى احتمالية اتجاه […]

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